Does Meijer Rent Carpet Cleaners? (All You Need to Know)

Since Meijer is among the most reliable stores for household essentials, it is common for customers to expect cleaning essentials to be available as well.

Therefore, many customers wonder whether Meijer rents carpet cleaners. Well, I conducted some detailed research, so keep reading to see what I discovered!

Does Meijer Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2024?

Fortunately, Meijer offers carpet cleaner rental services through the Bissel Rental rack, available in selected stores in 2024. The rates for hiring Bissell Big Green carpet cleaners at the Bissel Rental rack start at $29.99 for a 24-hour rental period, and $39.99 for 48 hours. However, these prices may vary slightly depending on the location.

If you want to find more information on Meijer carpet cleaning rental services, the prices of renting a carpet cleaner, how to rent one at Meijer stores, and much more, keep reading!

Can You Rent a Carpet Cleaner From Meijer?

You can rent a carpet cleaner from most Meijer stores through the rental services at Bissell, except for Orland Park (262).

Bissell Rental services offer carpet rental through some of the major stores in America.

Generally, the Bissell Rental rack is located at the Customer Service Desk in Meijer stores, and the carpet cleaners can only be rented during Customer Service hours.

Therefore, once at the store, customers can either speak to an associate for direction on how to receive this service or go to the customer service desk directly.

Through the services of Bissell Rental, you can get a Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner, as well as a Little Green Carpet cleaner for smaller messes.

In addition to these carpet cleaning machines, customers can also rent additional accessories, such as the Upholstery and Stair Cleaning Tool.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Carpet Cleaner From Meijer?

The cost of renting a carpet cleaner from Meijer through Bissell rental services is dependent on the type of machine a customer goes for.

Therefore, customers have to determine what carpet cleaner best suits their project before settling on the carpet cleaner they want to rent.

However, the charges for renting carpet cleaners are as follows:

Bissell Rental services rent out the deep cleaning services at $24.99 for 24 hours, and $39.99 for 48 hours, although this price may vary slightly based on the location.

These deep-cleaning machines are best for cleaning-stained carpets with dirt and odors.

Bissell Rental services charge $5 for renting the upholstery and stair cleaning tool for both 24 hours and $48 hours (this pricing might vary slightly depending on location).

The tool is used as an attachment when renting deep cleaners, such as the Big Green and Pawsitively Clean carpet cleaners to clean couches, stairs, upholstery, and other spaces.

Bissell rental services rent out the Little Green Pro portable carpet cleaner at $14.99 for 24 hours, and $19.99 for 48 hours, although these prices may vary slightly based on the location.

This carpet cleaner is especially effective in cleaning stairs, car upholstery, chairs, couches, pet begs, and others areas that might need smaller and more portable machines.

  • Cleaning formula

In addition to the machinery, you can also accompany the rented carpet cleaners with a Carpet Cleaning Formula sold at $13.99-$22.99 for the 32oz bottle, and $18.99 – $29.99 for the 52oz bottle.

How Do You Rent a Carpet Cleaner From Meijer?

How Do You Rent a Carpet Cleaner From Meijer?

To rent a carpet cleaner from Meijer through the Bissell rental services, you have to find specific Meijer locations with the carpet cleaner rental services through the company’s location page.

Getting a location using the ZIP Code allows the customer to find a store within 5 miles of their location.

During this time, you can decide to fill out an online carpet cleaner rental form so that you save time during the checkout at the store.

However, this step is optional, since you can decide to fill out the form while renting the carpet cleaner in-store.

Once you complete filling out the rental document, you should print it and bring it with you to the nearest Meijer store offering carpet rental services.

Go to the Bissel Customer service desk and request carpet rental services at the store. Hand in the online form if you already filled out one, or request to fill out one at the spot.

The clerk at the desk will help you complete the renting process.

How Do You Return a Carpet Cleaner From Meijer?

Once you’re done using the carpet cleaner, you should return the machine to the same retailer you rented it from within your rental period.

Bissell advises customers to rinse the machine tanks after cleaning the carpet, remove hair in the brush roll, and wipe down the bottom of the carpet cleaner before returning it to Meijer.

Can I Extend My Carpet Cleaner Rental Period at Meijer?

Unfortunately, you cannot extend your rental period when you rent a carpet cleaner at Meijer through the services of Bissel Rental.

In case you want to extend your renting period, you have to return the cleaner to the retailer and pay for the additional days.

However, if you suspect that you will need the carpet cleaner for more than a day, it’s more advisable to pay for the machine for 48 hours rather than returning it and requesting an extension.

Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Carpet Cleaner at Meijer?

Depending on your project or circumstance, you may or may not need to buy or rent a carpet cleaner at Meijer.

If you don’t need to clean your carpet regularly, it’s more advisable to rent a carpet cleaner rather than buy one.

However, if the carpet needs regular cleaning due to high foot traffic, it’s more advisable to buy the carpet cleaner.

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The Meijer supermarket chain does not independently offer carpet cleaner rental services but does so in selected stores through services offered by Bissell Rental.

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