Does Meijer Require Membership? (All You Need To Know)

The regional Midwestern grocer Meijer has rapidly risen to become one of America’s favorite grocery stores.

However, due to the rapid increase in stores requiring membership, one might ask – does Meijer require membership? Here’s all you need to know!

Does Meijer Require A Membership In 2024?

You do not need any kind of membership to shop at Meijer as of 2024. The company operates as a retail store where any customer can shop and pay at the checkout without membership. Similarly, Meijer does not require membership for the mPerks reward program as well as buying gas at Meijer gas stations.

If you want to find more information on whether you require membership to shop at Meijer stores, to subscribe to Meijer’s mPerks, and at the company gas stations, keep reading!

Do I Require Membership To Shop At Meijer?

Fortunately, Meijer does not require consumers to seek membership before shopping at its stores. Thus, shoppers can visit the store at any time and check out without any membership.

With that, it is important to note that Meijer’s business model does not operate like warehouse clubs such as Costco or Sam’s Club; hence, it does not need customers to buy a membership to purchase merchandise.

Instead, Meijer’s business model is the same as major retailers like Target and Walmart and only requires customers to walk in and shop or order their items online.

Furthermore, delivery and pick-up orders at Meijer do not require membership, although some charges (shipping fees) may apply.

However, if you want to use Shipt for online orders at Meijer, you can opt to sign up for a membership plan or pay per order.

Does Meijer’s mPerks Require A Membership?

The mPerks reward program for Meijer customers does not require membership.

However, customers are expected to sign up for the program to enjoy mPerks’ benefits such as coupons and rewards.

Further, the program is free to Meijer customers and does not need a subscription or membership plan.

For regular customers at Meijer, signing up to the mPerks helps them save money through numerous benefits such as digital coupons and rewards.

To get started with Meijer, you can visit to learn more about the program and sign up.

Do You Have To Pay For Meijer’s mPerks?

Do You Have To Pay For Meijer's mPerks?

Fortunately, mPerks by Meijer is free and easy to sign up for.

That said, you need to sign up for the reward program by visiting or downloading the Meijer app and signing up with your credentials.

Also, signing up to mPerks helps customers save money based on how often they use the coupons available and achieve the rewards.

Similarly, you will only be able to save a lot if you shop at Meijer more often and remember to enter your mPerks information at the checkout section.

Generally, the benefits of signing up for Meijer’s mPerks include the following:

Digital Coupons

When you sign up with mPerks, Meijer allows you to clip digital coupons. To do so, click on the coupon you intend to use and save it to your mPerks account.

To redeem the coupons at a Meijer store, you have to enter your phone number alongside the PIN on the credit card keypad at checkout.

For pick-up orders and home delivery, all clipped coupons will be automatically linked to your order, and you will receive the savings when the order is complete.


Rewards are among mPerks’ best features. With mPerks, you can get a bonus of $2.00 off your next grocery trip when you spend $100.

According to this reward, you have about four weeks to spend $100 or more on different shopping instances to get the $2.00 off.

Once you earn these rewards, you can apply them to your credit card keypad by entering your phone number and the PIN associated with your mPerks account.

After that, you will be asked whether you want to apply the rewards when checking out for pick-up orders and home delivery.


Using mPerks during checkout enables you to access the digital receipt of your purchase whenever you log in to your mPerks account.

Moreover, these receipts are saved for up to two years so that you can access them whenever needed.

Further, the mPerks account assists in breaking down your monthly expenses so that you can track your spending habits.

Tracking Savings

With access to your mPerks account, you can determine how much you have saved when shopping at Meijer.

Do I Require Membership To Purchase Fuel At Meijer Gas Stations?

Fortunately, you do not need to have any membership to purchase products at the 200+ Meijer gas stations.

When getting gas at the stations, you can choose to either pay at the pump or inside without worrying about being a member.

With that, all you need to do at the Meijer gas stations is fill up or purchase goods inside the stores as you would in any other gas station.

However, gas discounts may apply to customers with the Meijer Mastercard or Meijer Credit Card.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Meijer takes American Express, if Meijer takes Apple Pay, and if Meijer accepts WIC.


In conclusion, Meijer does not require a customer to get a membership for shopping at the company’s stores, getting the mPerks rewards, and getting gas at Meijer gas stations.

However, customers have to sign up for mPerks at no fees before enjoying the program’s benefits.

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