Does Meijer Take Passport Photos? (All You Need to Know)

A good passport photo should meet the requirements set by the U.S. government in terms of size, composition, and background. Various stores provide standard passport photos services.           

So, does Meijer take passport photos? Can I visit a Meijer store for an instant passport photo? If you would like to find out factual answers to these questions, keep reading!

Does Meijer Take Passport Photos In [currentyear]?

Meijer offers professional passport photos services in [currentyear]. Customers can either visit a Meijer brick-and-mortar store for passport services or place an order online and pick it up in-store. The photos are printed in twos at a size that complies with government regulations. It will cost you $12.99 to get a standard passport at Meijer photo within 15 minutes.

For more insight on how to order a passport photo at, how much it will cost you, the waiting time to get a passport at Meijer, and much more, read on.

 Can You Order a Passport Photo Online at Meijer?

Fortunately, it is possible to order a passport photo online at Meijer and pick it up in the store.

Meijer customers can visit a Meijer store for standard passport photos or order online and pick it up in-store.

You can use the following three steps to order a passport photo at

  • Drag your passport-sized image from your gallery to the specified location.
  • Format the image by selecting ‘customize,’ and then use ‘resize’ and ‘move’ features. Ensure you position the face in the inner circle. Also, make sure the head size is between 25 and 35mm, from below the chin to the top of the head.
  • Preview the image before adding it to the cart.

Can I Have My Passport Photo Taken at Meijer?

You can have your passport photo taken at any Meijer store. A qualified associate at Meijer will take a passport photo that adheres to U.S. requirements.

The U.S. passport photo requirements include:

  • A colored photo taken within the past six months ago.
  • A clear image of the face with no filters.
  • No selfies are allowed. The photo should be taken by someone else.
  • If you wear glasses, you should take them off for a passport photo.
  • The photo background should be white or off-white.

What Should I Wear for My Passport Photo at Meijer?

What Should I Wear for My Passport Photo at Meijer?

You should put on casual wear for a passport photo at Meijer. However, some attires are not acceptable. Here is a list of what to wear and not to wear for a passport photo at Meijer:

  • You should not wear a uniform, clothes similar to a uniform, or camouflage attire.
  • You should not wear hats or any form of head coverings except for medical and religious purposes. Even so, you must provide proof. The head coverings and hats, if worn, should not cover your face or cause a shadow in the photo.
  • You should not wear glasses except for medical reasons and should be accompanied by a signed note from your doctor.
  • You should not wear headphones or any other wireless devices.
  • You can put on your jewelry on the condition that they do not hide your face. Other facial piercings and permanent tattoos are accepted.
  • You should wear your daily basis attire.

Does Meijer Offer Passport Application Services?

Meijer does not offer passport application services or issue passports for travel.

Nevertheless, you can print the passport application form in advance, carry it with you to a Meijer store and fill it out as you wait for your passport photo to be printed.

The form is a requirement for first-time applicants, renewals, and even when you are applying for a passport for your child.

You should read and understand the content to be filled in the form and follow instructions to the letter to avoid delays.

It is important to note that completing the form does not guarantee you a passport.

Moreover, the application process involves a fee, depending on your location.

Applying for or renewing a passport in the U.S., and renewing a passport from Canada by mail, carries the same fees.

However, if you need to apply for or renew a U.S. passport from a different country, the application fees may differ. You should contact the U.S. embassy in that country to confirm.

How Much Is a Passport Photo at Meijer?

Meijer charges $12.99 for two passport photos printed in accordance with the recommended guidelines.

What Is the Wait Time to Get a Passport Photo at Meijer?

Meijer takes as little as 15 minutes to have your passport photo done.

Do All Meijer Stores Take Passport Photos?

 Passport photos service is available in all Meijer stores. Therefore, if you need to get a passport photo, visit your nearest Meijer depending on your location.

Do You Need an Appointment to Get Passport Photos at Meijer?

Fortunately, you aren’t required to make an appointment to get a passport photo at Meijer.

Instead, walk into any Meijer store, visit the photo department, and request passport photo services.

As a matter of fact, Meijer will have two professional passport photos ready in fifteen minutes.

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You can get your passport photo from Meijer at an affordable fee within 15 minutes, adhering to the U.S. passport photo guidelines. You can also opt to order online and pick it up at the store.

However, the passport photos at Meijer should not be confused with passports for traveling purposes. Meijer is not among the facilities offering passport applications services.

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