Does Petco Sell Hedgehogs? (All You Need To Know)

Petco is one of the biggest pet stores in the country, with several pets for sale and adoption along, with supplies and accessories. Some have wondered if Petco also sells hedgehogs.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get a hedgehog, and you’re thinking of going to them for one, you should read this article first!

Does Petco Sell Hedgehogs In 2024?

Unfortunately, Petco doesn’t sell hedgehogs in 2024. This is likely because they are uncommon animals to have as pets. They are also illegal in certain states, so this is another key reason why they are not available for sale or adoption at Petco. However, the company does sell hedgehog food.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about hedgehogs at Petco, including a deeper dive into the possible reasons why Petco doesn’t sell them, where you can buy them instead, and more!

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Hedgehogs?

Petco likely doesn’t sell hedgehogs because it doesn’t have as large a market as the other pets provided at the store, including cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils.

Having a hedgehog for a pet is also illegal in some states, meaning that the company would have to figure out how to sell them, while not being part of any activities that are against the law.

The company might have assessed the number of resources that would have gone into this and decided it was not worth it.

Petco might also agree to some extent with the reasoning that makes hedgehogs illegal in some places, to begin with, i.e. the negative ecological impact.

If hedgehog populations increase to a certain point in areas where they don’t live naturally, they will eat a lot of insects and other small organisms, and throw the ecosystem out of balance.

However, Petco does sell some supplies for hedgehog owners, so it does condone their status as pets to a degree.

For example, Petco stocks some food that’s been formulated to promote overall wellness in hedgehogs of all ages.

Where Can I Buy a Hedgehog?

Where Can I Buy a Hedgehog? Petco

You can buy a pet hedgehog from the following sources:

  1. Breeders-  breeders are a common source for most pets, including hedgehogs. In many states, they have to be licensed to be able to legally sell hedgehogs, so you should look for a reputable one with this qualification
  2. Local pet stores- large chains like Petco and PetSmart don’t sell hedgehogs, but you can find them in smaller independent pet stores in your area
  3. Shelters- animal shelters are a good source for most pets that have been abandoned by their previous owners, including hedgehogs. Pop into the local location and see if they have any available
  4. Surrenders- you can skip the animal shelter, and check around for anyone in your area that’s looking to get rid of their pet hedgehog. You can find them on platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. These kinds of people will usually give the animals away for free, along with their accessories, and even food in some cases
  5. Veterinarians- ask your local vet if they know where you can get a pet hedgehog, because they’re in the know about these things in the area. They could point you to the most responsible breeder, or someone with more pet hedgehogs than they can manage

In Canada, where the laws around owning hedgehogs are more relaxed, you can get them from Petland, a major chain with stores in different areas across the country.

Before buying one, however, make sure it’s legal to own it as a pet where you are. It’s illegal in California, Washington DC, Hawaii, Georgia, and New York City.

Owning a pet hedgehog is also heavily regulated in other places. For example, you can only have four-toed hedgehogs in Oregon and Idaho.

You need a permit in Wyoming, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

In Pennsylvania, you can’t have one unless it’s a descendant of one that was already in the state on or before 1992, so check with the breeder or previous owner first.

How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost at Petco?

Petco doesn’t sell hedgehogs, so it doesn’t have a price for them.

However, if you’re buying from an independent pet store or a chain like Petland, you can get one for between $80 and $150.

This price varies depending on what you pick. Female and younger hedgehogs will generally cost more.

If you’re getting one from a private breeder, you can pay between $100 and $350. Some of them will also throw in their accessories.

Breeders might charge more because, in most places, they need a license to sell hedgehogs. They might also be factoring in the cost to stay compliant with the laws listed above.

As stated above, you can get a pet hedgehog for free if you look around your area for someone that intends to get rid of the one they already have.

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Petco doesn’t sell hedgehogs, either directly or through adoptions, but it does have some hedgehog food options on the company website.

Hedgehogs are illegal in some states because of the potential consequences they could have on the ecosystem if they’re left unchecked, and this might be one of the key reasons why.

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