Does Popeyes Have Fish? (All You Need to Know)

Most people love Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for its chicken sandwich, but the restaurant has more to offer after it revised its menu in the summer of 2019 and later reintroduced its fish sandwich in 2021.

So, if you have been wondering whether Popeyes has fish and, if so, what kind of fish it sells, here is everything you need to know!

Does Popeyes Have Fish In 2024?

Popeyes recently reintroduced its fish sandwich, Cajun Flounder Sandwich, a replica of the company’s popular fried chicken sandwich. The newly reintroduced fish sandwich comes in two iterations (light and flaky flounder filet). Like its famed Chicken Sandwich, you can now get the fish version in both Classic and Spicy. Popeyes sells a fish sandwich for $4.49 in 2024.

To learn more about the type of fish sold at Popeyes, the type of white fish Popeyes use, the cost of a fish sandwich at Popeyes, and much more, read on!

What Kind of Fish Is Sold at Popeyes?

At Popeyes, wild-caught (light) and flaky flounder filet are the major types of fish used to make the restaurant’s spicy flounder fish sandwich.

These two varieties of fish are topped with barrel-cured pickles and tartar sauce and sandwiched between buttery toasted brioche buns.

Additionally, the two versions of fish are added into a flounder made of a mix of Cajun and spicy seasonings.

If Popeyes keep up with its traditions, the Flounder Fish Sandwich will only be at Popeyes for a limited time.

What Kind of White Fish Does Popeyes Use?

Popeyes uses Cajun white fish in making the new reintroduced delicious Cajun flounder fish sandwich.

The tender, premium whole-filet whitefish is seasoned in the savory blend of Louisiana spices before being served up crispy in a crumb breading style.

It is essential to note that this meal is mostly available in southern restaurants.

How Good Is Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich?

Popeyes fish sandwich is extremely delicious and much more substantial when compared with its Filet-O-Fish cousin. The crispy fish sandwich is made in the same ratio as breading.

The limited fresh fish is light and flakey and has a mild appetizer flavor oozing from its foil bag, preferably good for a drive-thru seafood selection.

The success of Popeyes’ famous fried chicken motivated the company to duplicate the same recipe in making its Cajun flounder sandwich with fish.

How Much Is a Fish Sandwich at Popeyes?

How Much Is a Fish Sandwich at Popeyes?

Popeyes sells its fish sandwich at a minimum cost of $4.49 across all chains offering a fish menu.

In its quest to celebrate the return of this sandwich, Popeyes has collaborated with New York Nico to spur a social content series giving New Yorkers a fresh take on the Fish Sandwich category.

Similarly, to boost the sales of the new meal, the company has decided to offer a bonus of 15 points to members of the Popeyes Rewards program for every Flounder Fish Sandwich purchased.

What’s On Popeyes Spicy Fish Sandwich?

Popeyes’ spicy fish sandwich comes in regular and spicy varieties on its signature white bread bun; what distinguishes the two is the sauce, all topped with thick brine pickles and tartar sauce.

The regular sandwich comes with thick-cut pickles and tartar sauces, similar to all fish sandwiches, whereas pickles and orange sauce accompanies the spicy sandwich.

The spice used by the company is drowned from a spicy orange sauce instead of the usual fish seasoning. Moreover, the spicy version also removes the need for tartar sauce.

If you couple that with Popeyes’ spicy Cajun seasoned breading, the result is a mix of bold, zesty cayenne and paprika flavors, with a delicate-bordering-sweet aftertaste.

What Is the Cajun White Fish Recipe at Popeyes?

Below are the ingredients of Popeyes Cajun white fish:

  • One lb. white fish fillets
  • 2 tbsp. Cajun or Creole seasoning
  • 1 tbsp. oil

The procedure to make Cajun White Fish is as follows:

  1. Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat.
  2. Rub the white fish fillets all over with the Cajun seasoning.
  3. Put the fish on a frying pan (skin side down), and ensure the fillets are not touching.
  4. Cook the white fish for 3 minutes, then carefully flip the fillets with a spatula and cook for two more minutes (or until the fish flakes easily with a fork).
  5. Remove from heat and serve.

The Cajun whitefish recipe gives the white fish a gorgeous spice- rub brown color from its original plain white color.

Cooking Cajun white fish involves the simple steps of rubbing the fish with store-bought Cajun or Creole seasoning and frying it in a pan.

What Are Popeyes’ Cajun Fish Nutritional Facts?

Below are the nutritional values for a Cajun fish meal:

  • 29% Total Fat 19g.
  • 25% Saturated Fat 5g.
  • 13% Cholesterol 40mg.
  • 69% Sodium 1650mg.
  • 12% Total Carbohydrates 37g.
  • 8% Dietary Fiber 2g.
  • Protein 16g.

Is Popeyes Cajun Fish Good?

Popeyes Cajun fish sandwich is the best-rated fish combo among the fast-food chains. Compared to the company’s Filet-O-Fish cousin, Cajun fish is highly loved nationwide.

The sandwich is made in deep-fried flounder filet, pickles, and tartar sauce wrapped in a brioche bun.

Additionally, the glossy brioche bun has a touch of great flavors slathered with rich tangy tartar sauce.

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Popeyes fast-food reintroduced fish sandwiches in 2021 in all its locations. However, the fish sandwich didn’t receive an upwind reception compared to its fried chicken sandwich.

The company uses white fish, commonly known as Cajun white fish, in two versions; flaky and light flounder filet-flounder fish sandwiches served with thick brine pickles and tartar sauce.

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