Does Popeyes Have Jalapenos? (All You Need To Know)

Chili heads love hunting for new experiences to challenge their palate and see how much heat their tongues can withstand.

If you are a Popeyes chicken enthusiast, the one question on your mind must be, does the restaurant have a jalapeno challenge for my tongue? Well, read on, and find out!

Does Popeyes Have Jalapenos In [currentyear]?

Popeyes features spicy whole pickled jalapenos as a side and has newly launched jalapeno poppers at select locations in [currentyear]. The increasingly popular jalapeno poppers consist of cream cheese-filled spicy jalapenos hand battered and then fried. The jalapeno poppers cost $2.49 for a three-piece or $3.49 for a five-piece order.

Stay on, and we will tell you all about Popeyes’ jalapenos, where to buy them, how much they cost, and some secret menu hacks!

Does Popeyes Have Jalapenos?

Popeyes customers can buy spicy pickled jalapenos as a side for their main dishes at any of the restaurant’s locations nationwide and online.

Ideally, the jalapenos are pickled in a sweet-sour brine and have a sweet, tangy first bite, but the heat that so many pepper enthusiasts yearn for soon kicks in.

That sweet-sour spicy kick complements and elevates the flavor of some Popeyes dishes, which explains the popularity of this side dish.

Also, watch out for the runny pickle juice, which is a palate delight.

What Are The Popeyes Jalapeno Poppers?

Jalapeno poppers are a new product by Popeyes as a variation of its more run-of-the-mill pickled whole jalapenos.

That said, the jalapeno poppers consist of spicy pickled jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese. Then, they’re breaded by hand in Southern batter and deep-fried.

Additionally, the result is a delectable mix of sweet, sour, spicy, and creamy interior overlaid with crunchy goodness.

Currently, Popeyes’ jalapeno poppers are available only in select Popeyes locations.

Where Can I Buy Popeyes Jalapeno Poppers?

Popeyes has not published the list of the test locations for the new Popeyes jalapeno poppers, nor is it readily available online.

However, there have been sitings at locations in New York City. So, it’s best to enquire from your local Popeyes if it is one of the lucky locations.

Alternatively, you can look it up on With that, at the bottom of the screen is a search bar where you enter your address and request an item to see if it is available.

If your location does not offer the jalapeno poppers, a petition by a sufficient number of customers may prompt the location to do so.

How Does Popeyes Make Its Whole Pickled Jalapenos?

Popeyes uses fresh jalapenos, vinegar, sugar, and water to achieve the delicate balance between sweet, sour, and hot.

In this case, the vinegar and water are in equal parts and are boiled together with the sugar.

Afterward, the jalapenos are placed whole in jars with other ingredients, and the hot brine is poured over them. Next, the jars are stored in boiling water for some time.

Also, this is not the official recipe, as Popeyes does not publish those, but this will yield a taste as close as that of Popeyes’ jalapenos.

How Does Popeyes Make Its Jalapeno Poppers?

How Does Popeyes Make Its Jalapeno Poppers?

Popeyes’ jalapeno poppers are made from fresh halved jalapenos. However, the exact Popeyes ingredients and process are not published but do not deviate significantly from the usual one.

Further, cream cheese is stuffed into the halved jalapenos, then hand-battered in Southern-style breading. The keynote of this style is its spiciness.

After that, the jalapenos are deep-fried for their crispy exterior.

How Hot Are Popeyes’ Jalapenos?

Jalapeno peppers have a kick, but they rank relatively low on the general scheme of heat. Ordinarily, they come in between 2,000 and 10,000 units on the Scoville scale.

On average, Popeyes’ jalapenos clock in at 8,500 units on the Scoville scale. Even at Popeyes, there are hotter things, notably the cayenne and ghost pepper wings.

However, this is still some heat that it would not be wise to underestimate.

What Do Popeyes Jalapenos Best Go With?

Jalapenos are great to eat as they are and make for some great snacks that leave you with an afterglow.

However, Popeyes sells jalapenos as sides, and these pair well with the following dishes:

  • Spicy chicken sandwich
  • Classic fried chicken sandwich
  • Bonafide chicken
  • Wings
  • Nuggets
  • Tenders
  • Popcorn shrimp
  • Red beans and rice
  • Biscuits
  • Mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy

A helpful trick is to squeeze the juice from the jalapeno onto your food, adding more flavor and stopping the liquid from running onto you.

Also, you can use the jalapeno poppers to add an extra layer and a considerable amount of flavor and texture to your fried chicken sandwiches or biscuits.

How Much Do Popeyes’ Jalapenos Cost?

In most cases, the prices for the jalapeno peppers and jalapeno poppers depend on the location and whether they are delivered or picked up.

However, based on prices from some locations, Popeyes’ jalapeno peppers cost $0.49 a piece or $6.95 for six pieces.

Additionally, jalapeno poppers cost $2.49 for three pieces and $3.49 for five pieces.

What Other Peppery Foods Are There At Popeyes?

There are several other options for pepper heads at Popeyes if they cannot get the jalapenos.

For example, these include dishes like the spicy chicken sandwich and the ghost pepper wings that exceed a million units on the Scoville scale.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Popeyes uses MSG, does Popeyes serve breakfast all day, and why is Popeyes si delicious.


Popeyes offers a haven for customers who prefer spicy and hot food with jalapenos and jalapeno poppers.

However, the jalapeno poppers are not yet available nationwide. Therefore, customers can enquire from their Popeyes location if it carries jalapeno poppers.

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