Does Publix Take GoodRx? (All You Need To Know)

GoodRx is a drug discount program that offers savings and coupons on thousands of common prescription drugs, but not every pharmacy takes GoodRx.

If you frequently shop at Publix, you may be wondering if the grocery store accepts GoodRx. Well, I’ve looked into the issue, and here’s everything I found out!

Does Publix Take GoodRx?

Publix does not take GoodRx at its stores because it offers a discount prescription program, which would compete with GoodRx. However, if you use the Publix Pharmacy Medications Program or SingleCare, you can save a lot of money on common medications for various health issues.

Keep reading to learn more details about the Publix Pharmacy Medications Program and if it’s just as good as GoodRx at saving you money!

Do Any Publix Locations Take GoodRx?

Unfortunately, it appears that none of the Publix locations will take GoodRx regardless of which state you’re in since it’s not in a partnership with GoodRx.

Does Publix Accept GoodRx Gold?

Unfortunately, Publix does not accept GoodRx Gold since it’s a part of GoodRx. That said, the Publix pharmacy does not participate in this discount coupon program.

Does Publix Price Match Prescriptions?

Yes, Publix will price-match prescriptions and accept coupons from any pharmacy near your local Publix store.

To get a price match, just bring in the coupon from the local pharmacy and show the pharmacist!

Does SingleCare Work at Publix?

Yes, Publix does accept SingleCare, a partnership that began in 2021. Also, you can use SingleCare at any Publix pharmacy in any state where there’s a Publix!

Furthermore, SingleCare works similarly to GoodRx. So, while Publix doesn’t accept GoodRx, you can use SingleCare coupons to get discounts on your medications at Publix.

Additionally, you can print, email, or text the medication coupon and show the pharmacist at Publix when you’re checking out to save money.

Alternatively, you can download the SingleCare app and use that to save money.

However, SingleCare does not cover all medications, and it’s essential to check the list of qualified medicines before you try using them for your prescriptions.

Can You Use SingleCare With Insurance?

Can You Use SingleCare With Insurance?

Unfortunately, you cannot use SingleCare with insurance. But, SingleCare often beats the price you’d pay using your insurance card, including both Medicare and Medicaid.

Since SingleCare is a prescription drug discount plan, you’ll find that some medications aren’t covered, and you’ll have to use your insurance instead.

However, it doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not. For example, you can choose to use SingleCare instead of your insurance in situations where SingleCare offers a lower price!

What Is the Publix Pharmacy Medication Savings Program?

If you don’t want to use SingleCare or your medication isn’t covered, you can use the Publix Pharmacy Medication Savings Program.

That said, this program allows you to get 90-day refills of common medications for only $7.50.

As you can see, it’s a great way to save money if you have more than just a couple of prescriptions!

Additionally, if the program doesn’t cover your prescription but a similar one is, you can always ask your doctor about switching to the covered medication to qualify for the savings.

What Medications Does Publix’s Medication Savings Program Cover?

There are several medications covered through the Publix Pharmacy Medication Savings Program, including medicines for certain conditions.

However, it’s important to note that the prices could differ depending on which state you’re in.

On top of that, you cannot combine coupons or savings from programs like SingleCare with the Publix Pharmacy Medication Savings Program.

That said, you might have to check into SingleCare or the coupons from local pharmacies that Publix accepts to see if it’s a better deal than the Publix program before picking up your medicine.

Furthermore, this Publix program will not cover all medications, so you need to check the qualifications first, and it only works for a 90-day supply.

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