Does Rite Aid Have MoneyGram? (All You Need To Know)

MoneyGram is one of the top money transfer services in the world. If you’re looking to transfer money domestically or internationally, then you may consider this system.

You can pick up MoneyGram transfers in cash at a variety of locations across the country. If you’re wondering if Rite Aid is one of these locations, keep reading for the answer below!

Does Rite Aid Have MoneyGram In 2024?

Rite Aid may have MoneyGram at some locations in 2024. However, there’s no corporate partnership, so it varies from store to store. Therefore, we highly recommend that you call before heading over to pick up money, or use the online location locator on the MoneyGram website. Don’t forget to have your reference number ready to pick up the cash.

If you want more information about picking up transfers from MoneyGram, keep reading below for more useful facts and tips!

Can I Pick up MoneyGram at Rite Aid?

Depending on your local Rite Aid store, you may be able to pick up Moneygram transfers. However, this is going to differ a lot from store-to-store, as this is not a company-wide policy.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you call ahead to find out if your local Rite Aid does allow you to pick up Moneygram transfers or not.

However, Rite Aid stores are more likely to have Western Union, as Western Union has a partnership with the company.

For this reason, if you have to pick up the money from Rite Aid, your best bet is to do it through Western Union.

Where Else Can I Pick up My MoneyGram?

You can pick up your transfers in cash at any MoneyGram agent location. Typically, these are various stores that have agreed to have a MoneyGram kiosk inside them.

Therefore, you can use this kiosk to pick up your cash in-store, similar to an ATM.

However, what stores allow these pickups differs dramatically from location to location. Therefore, it is vital that you check beforehand.

You can use the Find a Location tool on the MoneyGram website for locations near you.

To pick up the cash, you’ll need the Reference Number from the transfer, as well as a valid photo ID.

In some cases, you’ll need a valid address with proof of residency if your photo ID does not contain the address.

How Do I Pick up Money from MoneyGram?

How Do I Pick up Money from MoneyGram? Rite Aid

Receiving cash for your MoneyGram transfer is not terribly difficult, but it does require a few extra steps.

  1. First, you’ll need to find a location that provides MoneyGram services somewhere near you. There is a page on the MoneyGram website that allows you to do this.
  2. Next, you’ll need to complete a form using the reference number provided by the sender of the cash. Therefore, we recommend having this number handy.
  3. Finally, you can hand in the form and your photo ID to receive your money in cash.

As you can see, none of this is terribly difficult.

However, we do recommend noting the reference number as soon as you have it, as most problems with receiving the money come from not having the reference number.

If you don’t have the reference number, you cannot receive money. It’s that simple.

How Much Does it Cost to Send Money Through MoneyGram?

MoneyGram fees are typically quite low. If you don’t use a debit or credit card, you can expect to choose about $1.99 for the transfer.

For those who are using a card, your costs may be even higher.

With that said, out of all money transferring systems, MoneyGram has one of the lowest fees.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a cheap way to transfer money, MoneyGram may be the best option.

However, there are cheaper ways to transfer money as well. When you use a service like MoneyGram, you’re paying in part for the convenience.

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Though some Rite Aid stores have MoneyGram, not all of them do. Therefore, it is vital that you check before you head over.

You can also use the location locator on MoneyGram to find a location near you that allows cash pick up. The process is quite easy, though you will need a photo ID and the reference number for the transfer.

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