Does Rite Aid Sell Flowers? (All You Need To Know)

Flowers aren’t just for special occasions, though they are strongly associated with holidays like Valentine’s Day, and are located at most department stores and grocery stores.

However, not every store sells flowers. Rite Aid is known for its convenient shopping options, but does it sell flowers? To find out, keep reading below!

Does Rite Aid Sell Flowers In [currentyear]?

Usually, Rite Aid does not sell any flowers in [currentyear]. However, the company may sell them in some situations. For instance, they’re often sold around Valentine’s Day and other holidays that are associated with flowers. Sometimes, the company may also sell fake flowers. However, we do recommend calling before heading out to pick up some flowers.

For information on when and where Rite Aid sells flowers, take a look at our answer to the questions below!

Can You Buy Flowers at Rite Aid?

In most cases, Rite Aid does sell flowers. You can absolutely find them on special occasions, like around Valentine’s Day.

However, many stores also sell them during other times as well. However, you can always call ahead just to be sure before you head out to your local Rite Aid.

Furthermore, Rite Aid often sells fake flowers – even when it isn’t a holiday.

However, there are quite a few stores that don’t sell these flowers all the time.

You also cannot purchase flowers online, as all real flowers have to be purchased in the store. Often, you can’t find fake flowers online, either.

Where Can You Buy Flowers Instead?

Where Can You Buy Flowers?

Since you can’t purchase flowers at Rite Aid, where can you purchase them? For the most part, you can find flowers at most stores that have some sort of nursery set up.

For instance, this includes places like Walmart, Publix, and Lowes.

Many grocery stores sell fresh flowers, though not necessarily all of them. For instance, most Food Lions don’t sell fresh flowers, but Kroger generally does.

Keep an eye out for flowers when you go on your usual grocery shopping trip. If you want to check before you head out, you can call your local store to ask.

Of course, flower shops also sell fresh flowers. Local florists are common, though they can also be quite a bit expensive (though this depends on the exact store).

When trying to find flowers on short notice, you will likely need to call around and find some place with flowers available on short notice.

Furthermore, you can also purchase fresh flowers online from many places. There are quite a few online florists that sell some sort of flowers.

Usually, these are more expensive and exotic flowers. However, if you’re looking for something different, online sources are often the best option.

Why Doesn’t Rite Aid Sell Flowers?

There are several reasons why Rite Aid doesn’t sell flowers. For one, most Rite Aids don’t have a nursery set up or anywhere to keep flowers.

Stores that sell flowers usually have an employee that runs the nursery section. They cut the flowers and take care of them.

Therefore, it isn’t as simple as buying fresh flowers. Selling flowers would involve setting up another whole department within Rite Aid, which is difficult and expensive.

Rite Aid likely has all sorts of reasons for not selling flowers. However, we can only guess at them.

While Rite Aid may decide to sell flowers sometime in the future, it currently does not (and likely won’t sell them anytime soon).

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Walmart delivers flowers, if Publix sells flowers, and if Aldi sells flowers.


Rite Aid does not currently sell flowers, except for the occasional arrangement. You may be able to find flowers at Rite Aid around Valentine’s Day and other holidays. However, for the most part, you won’t be finding flowers at any Rite Aid

Sometimes, Rite Aid does sell fake flowers. However, these come and go as well. You’ll need to call your local Rite Aid to see if they are currently in stock.

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