Does Sam’s Club Install Tires? (All You Need To Know)

Sam’s Club is truly a one-stop shop, as the warehouse retailer sells clothes, food, paper products, and cleaning supplies and even has an auto center available for its members.  

Because Sam’s Club has a noteworthy auto center for their members, you may be wondering if they install tires, and if so, how much does it cost? What kinds of tires does Sam’s Club install?  

Here is all the information about Sam’s Club’s tire installation that I have uncovered throughout my research!  

Does Sam’s Club Install Tires?

Sam’s Club does install tires for all of their members for a cost of $20-$25 per tire, depending on the type of tire. Included in the tire installation from Sam’s Club are a lifetime tire balance, lifetime flat repair, 3-year roadside assistance, and tire disposal.

For all you need to know about Sam’s Club’s tire installation and other auto services, keep on reading!  

What Does The Tire Installation Package At Sam’s Club Include?

When you get tires installed at Sam’s Club, they offer a Tire Installation Package as long as you remain an active member at Sam’s Club.  

The Sam’s Club Tire Installation Package costs $20 per tire for standard vehicles and $25 per tire for Duallies and motorhomes.  

Sam’s Club’s Tire Installation package includes several added benefits and services at no additional cost to you. Some of the benefits include: 

Lifetime Tire Balance 

Upon your request, Sam’s Club will re-balance your tires for the tires’ usable life, which is no less than 2/32nds tread remaining.  

Lifetime Flat Tire Repair  

If you ever experience an unexpected puncture in your tires, Sam’s Club will repair the tire, as long as there are more than 2/32nds of tread remaining.  

Tire Disposal 

Part of the Tire Installation Package is the assurance that your old tires will be disposed of properly and in an environmentally safe manner. Sam’s Club only allows EPA-licensed waste haulers to handle scrap tires.  

Emergency Roadside Tire Service 

For three years after your initial tire installation purchase, Sam’s Club offers its members 24-hour access to toll-free emergency tire change service.  

Tire Mounting And Valve Stems 

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Sam’s Club mounts your tires on serviceable wheels to your vehicle’s specifications.  

Additionally, Sam’s Club also installs a new valve stem when mounting your new tires.  

Lifetime Tire Rotation 

A Sam’s Club auto service employee will rotate your tires during their usable life whenever you request it.  

Do You Have To Be A Member To Have Your Tires Installed At Sam’s Club?  

Do You Have To Be A Member To Have Your Tires Installed At Sam’s Club?  

In order to have your tires installed at Sam’s Club, you must be a member.

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not allow non-members to have tires installed.  

Is There A Warranty For Sam’s Club’s Tire Installation?

Sam’s Club’s tire installation warranty is the same as any other product you buy from the store; it is covered by the Sam’s Club Member Satisfaction Guarantee.  

This satisfaction guarantee states that you can qualify for a refund or replacement if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.  

So, if you are not satisfied with your tire installation, inform a Sam’s Club employee for an immediate replacement.  

What Kind Of Tires Does Sam’s Club Install? 

If you have specialty tires that you would like Sam’s Club to install, you may be wondering if the store does so.  

For example, for $9.50 per wheel, Sam’s Club installs NHS/non-DOT tires, as long as the tires are purchased at Sam’s Club.  

Sam’s Club also installs Dually, RV, trailer, and specialty tires for $20 per wheel. However, these prices only apply to tires that are purchased at Sam’s Club.  

How Do You Schedule A Tire Installation At Sam’s Club? 

Sam’s Club makes scheduling a tire installation incredibly easy for their customers. Additionally, as Sam’s Club works on your car, you can do the rest of your shopping in-store!  

One way to make an appointment is in person at your local Sam’s Club. You can also call your local Sam’s Club to schedule a tire installation appointment.  

Another way to schedule an appointment is online. Using Sam’s Club’s website, click on the ‘Auto & Tires’ box before entering your zip code.   

What Free Tire Services Does Sam’s Club Offer?

Besides the numerous benefits included in the Sam’s Club Tire Installation package at no additional cost, there are several other auto services available for free for Sam’s Club members.  

When you purchase and install tires at Sam’s Club, you are automatically qualified for road hazard protection.  

Road hazard protection includes replacing a damaged tire for 4 years after the initial date of purchase. There is only one exclusion to the road hazard protection.  

Tires with 2/32nds of the tread or less are not qualified for Sam’s Club’s road hazard protection. Other no-charge services that Sam’s Club offers include the following: 

  • Air pressure check  
  • Tread depth check  
  • Wiper blade installation  
  • Battery installation  
  • Battery charge check  
  • 50-mile re-torque 

With all of the free services Sam’s Club members have access to, you can keep your car in the best condition possible while saving a lot of money!  

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Sam’s Club does install tires and offers a Tire Installation package with several desirable benefits at no additional cost. Some of the services include lifetime tire balance, rotation, and repair.  

However, if you are not a Sam’s Club member, you cannot get your tires installed there.  

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