Does Shipt Accept EBT? (All You Need To Know)

Government assistance programs like SNAP, otherwise known as EBT, are designed to help people buy essential food items if they are struggling financially. Fortunately, most stores accept EBT funds for qualifying items.

But what if you prefer getting your groceries delivered? You might be asking, can I use EBT to get groceries delivered from Shipt? I was curious about the same thing because Shipt is continuously growing. Here’s everything I found out about shopping at Shipt!

Does Shipt Accept EBT In 2024?

Shipt currently does not accept EBT or SNAP funds to pay for its grocery delivery services as of 2024. Also, you cannot use store gift cards or Target REDcards on Shipt. However, you can use all major US debit and credit cards to pay for groceries on Shipt. It’s unclear why Shipt doesn’t take EBT.

If you want to learn more about Shipt and how you can pay for items, whether or not Shipt will eventually accept EBT, and other grocery delivery services that accept EBT, keep reading! I’ve looked into everything you need to know about the matter!

Does Shipt Take EBT?

Currently, Shipt does not accept EBT as a valid form of payment. Additionally, Shipt cannot accept grocery store gift cards or the Target REDcard.

Therefore, the Target REDcard 5% store discount does not apply when purchasing items through Shipt.

What Forms Of Payment Does Shipt Accept?

Although Shipt does not accept EBT funds at this time, the grocery delivery service accepts several other forms of payment. For example, here is a list of payment forms you can use for orders from Shipt:

  • All major US credit cards
  • All major US debit cards
  • Reloadable gift cards

Additionally, Shipt’s customer service notes that whatever card you use must have a three-digit CVC code for it to work. Usually, this CVC code is located on the back of your credit or debit card.

What Grocery Delivery Stores Accept EBT?

Nowadays, a growing number of retailers offer grocery or product deliveries to make shopping more convenient for the customer. That said, here is a list of grocery delivery services that accept EBT as a valid payment form:

  • Instacart (includes delivery services for stores like Aldi, FoodMaxx, Piggly Wiggly, Publix, etc.)
  • Amazon
  • Walmart (in select states)

If you are unsure whether or not one of your local stores accepts EBT funds, it never hurts to call the store and ask. With that, some states do not allow people to pay for grocery delivery with EBT or SNAP benefits.

Why Doesn’t Shipt Accept EBT?

Why Doesn’t Shipt Accept EBT?

It is unclear why Shipt currently doesn’t accept EBT to pay for grocery deliveries. However, it may be because the company is continuously growing in terms of merchants on the platform and delivery drivers.

Therefore, Shipt might be focusing on other things at this point in the company’s existence. Still, it is likely that Shipt will eventually allow customers to use EBT to pay for the delivery services.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Shipt?

The price of using Shipt varies based on the subscription plan you select or if you choose to only do a one-time delivery from the company.

That said, here are the available membership plans on Shipt and the cost of a one-time delivery:

  • Yearly membership on Shipt: $99 a year ($8.25 a month plus any applicable fees)
  • Monthly membership on Shipt: $10.99 a month (plus applicable fees)
  • One-time delivery on Shipt: $10 per order (plus delivery and service fees)

After signing up for a Shipt membership, you can cancel any time you would like.

What Stores Use Shipt?

The grocery stores that are available on Shipt vary by location. Unfortunately, Shipt’s delivery services are not available in every city in the country right now.

So, to find out the stores that are available on Shipt based on your location, simply type in your zip code on the company’s website. After you type in your zip code, Shipt will present a list of available stores.

Then, click the “Get started” button to begin shopping at your favorite store!

Are There Delivery Fees On Shipt?

Yes, there are delivery fees on Shipt, which vary based on your membership plan and the type of products you order. For example, if you have a membership and place an order that totals over $35, you can enjoy free delivery.

However, membership orders below $35 will have a $7 delivery fee. Also, if you order alcohol on Shipt, you will have to pay a $7 delivery fee.

Further, if you do not have a Shipt membership, you can expect to pay delivery and service fees, which you will see before you checkout.

But, if you use Shipt Passes, you do not have to pay a delivery fee regardless of your order total.

Where Is Shipt Available?

Shipt is currently available in over 5,000 cities, with 120 retailers (and growing) on the platform. Also, there are about 300,000 Shipt shoppers.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether Shipt delivers alcohol, what Target Shipt free trial for Circle members means, and what Target secret shopper is.


Unfortunately, Shipt does not accept EBT or SNAP benefits to pay for items on the grocery delivery platform. However, customers can still use all major US credit and debit cards to pay for items.

Additionally, you cannot use store gift cards or the Target REDcard on Shipt. But, other grocery delivery services like Instacart do take EBT to pay for items.

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