Does T-Mobile Prorate Your Final Bill? (All You Need to Know)

Have you decided to cancel your T-Mobile service and want to know: does T-Mobile prorate final bills? Do you have other questions about your final bill that you want to be answered?

If so, read further to find out what I’ve discovered while researching this topic, because there is so much you should know before you cancel!

Does T-Mobile Prorate Your Final Bill?

T-Mobile does not prorate your final bill, so you will have to pay for the whole month regardless of when you cancel your service in 2024. Therefore, it’s best to cancel your service with only a few days remaining in that billing cycle instead of the beginning so that you’re not paying a whole month that you’re not using.

Are you looking for further details about your final bill or canceling service with T-Mobile? Well, read on, because I’ll get into all of the details below!

Does T-Mobile Charge Early Termination Fees?

According to the T-Mobile Service Agreement, you will be charged Early Termination Fees if you cancel your service before your contract with T-Mobile is up.

For example, if you still have 1 year or more of service left on your contract, you could be charged $200, so it’s best to wait until closer to the end of your contract to cancel.

Also, this fee would be charged per line, so if you have multiple lines on your account, you could be looking at several hundred dollars in Early Termination Fees!

How Long Does It Take to Get a Final Bill From T-Mobile?

You will get your final bill from T-Mobile on its regularly scheduled date, and if you were on paperless billing, a paper bill will be sent to the address that is on file.

Therefore, if you have paperless billing, make sure your address is up to date before you cancel so that the final bill isn’t sent to the wrong billing address.

Furthermore, you will need to wait about 5 days after your billing cycle closes to see the last bill online.

As well, you can call customer support to find out your final bill total after that date.

How Do I Pay My T-Mobile Bill After Cancellation?

There are several ways you can pay your T-Mobile bill after cancellation, including online using the “Guest Pay” option, where you’ll just need your account number to pay the final bill.

Also, you can make your final payment by mailing a check, or going into a T-Mobile store to pay your final bill in person.

Additionally, you can call 1-877-453-1304 and pay over the phone.

Does T-Mobile Bill a Month in Advance?

Does T-Mobile Bill a Month in Advance?

T-Mobile doesn’t bill a month in advance, but instead, you will get your bill during the beginning portion of your billing cycle, which T-Mobile calls Bill Current.

How Do I Cancel My T-Mobile Phone Plan?

If you’d like to cancel your T-Mobile phone plan, you’re going to need to go to the T-Mobile website or app and select “Schedule a Callback” to speak to a representative.

However, you cannot complete the T-Mobile cancellation process online or through the app.

Therefore, the only way to cancel your T-Mobile phone plan is to talk to a customer service representative and tell them you’d like to cancel and go through the process from there.

Does T-Mobile Save Voicemails When You Cancel Your Service?

Once you’ve canceled your T-Mobile service, your voicemail messages are no longer accessible, along with your call histories, and will be deleted.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you save any voicemail messages that you want to keep before you cancel your service.

In addition, you’ll lose access to the My T-Mobile website for that line that you’ve canceled, but any active lines are still going to be able to access My T-Mobile.

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T-Mobile doesn’t prorate your final bill, so you’ll be billed for the entire month, which means you should wait to cancel until the last week of your billing cycle. Additionally, T-Mobile bills you at the beginning of your billing cycle, which means you are not getting a bill a month in advance.

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