Does T-Mobile Work in India? (All You Need to Know)

T-Mobile is one of the most popular wireless carriers in the United States and is known for great coverage. However, if you are about to travel to India and wonder: does T-Mobile work in India?

If so, continue reading below as I have been extensively looking into this topic and have found whether you’ll receive T-Mobile coverage in India and how it’ll work throughout the country!

Does T-Mobile Work in India in 2024?

T-Mobile does work in India in 2024. Also, since India uses GSM technology like most of the world, you won’t have any issues using your unlocked GSM T-Mobile device while traveling. However, there are locations within India where you may have no signal at all, so you may need to move around to find better signal strength.

Do you want to know where in India T-Mobile will work and if you’ll incur any additional charges? Well, don’t stop reading as I’ll get into all of those details and more below!

Which Carrier Does T-Mobile Use in India?

T-Mobile has partnerships with multiple carriers in India, including Idea, Airtel, and Vodafone, so you can install a local SIM card into your T-Mobile phone and get even better coverage.

Additionally, partnerships with these carriers in India mean that you’re not going to be charged any additional roaming charges while using your phone in India.

Does T-Mobile Charge Roaming Fees in India?

T-Mobile won’t charge roaming fees in India if you have one of the qualifying plans that include Simple Global, which is International roaming.

For example, if you have one of the following plans that include Simple Global, you’ll pay $.25 per minute for calls, and you’ll have unlimited text and data while in India:

  • Magenta
  • Magenta Max
  • Simple Choice
  • Select Choice
  • ONE
  • Business Unlimited Select
  • Business Unlimited Ultimate
  • Business Unlimited Advanced

However, if you don’t have one of the above plans, you’ll need to add World Class Service to your plan to get better rates while in India, such as $15 per MB used and $.50 to send a text

Furthermore, with World Class Service, you can talk for $.25 per minute, and texts received will be deducted from your allotment.

Does T-Mobile Prepaid Work in India?

T-Mobile Prepaid will work in India and just as well as a postpaid phone plan and phone, although you should add International calling to your line to avoid the extra fees.

Does T-Mobile Work in Agra India?

Does T-Mobile Work in Agra India?

T-Mobile does work in Agra, India, when you look at the coverage map.

Also, you should have 4G LTE service regardless of your specific location within this popular city.

That being said, if you travel far east or west of Agra, you may experience spots where your connection is down to 2G or 3G, but these areas are limited.

Does T-Mobile Work in Goa India?

T-Mobile does work in Goa, India, but the coverage in this location is going to be anywhere from a 4G LTE connection down to a 2G connection.

Therefore, your speeds may be much slower than normal.

However, when you look at the coverage map, Goa is covered by T-Mobile regardless of where in the city you’re staying.

Does T-Mobile Work in Mumbai India?

You’ll have reliable 4G LTE coverage with T-Mobile while you’re traveling around Mumbai, India.

Also, you shouldn’t have to worry about the signal dropping anywhere within this city.

Nevertheless, if you travel to the far eastern edge of Mumbai, the coverage could be spotty and you may notice a momentary drop in coverage.

Does T-Mobile Work in Bangalore India?

T-Mobile will work in Bangalore, India, and a majority of the city should have 4G LTE service, although some 2G spots can be found throughout the city.

Does T-Mobile Work in Delhi India?

If you look on the T-Mobile coverage map, you’ll see that T-Mobile does work in Delhi, India, and there are no areas where you’ll have dropped signals or spotty coverage.

Additionally, you should experience nothing less than 4G LTE connectivity, and you’re going to have a great signal regardless of where in Delhi you’re traveling to.

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T-Mobile does work in a majority of the most populated cities within India and has partnerships with other carriers such as AirtTel, Vodafone, and Idea.

However, coverage can range anywhere from 2G to 4G LTE depending on your location, but even when the signal is 2G, you’ll notice your phone keeps a fairly reliable connection.

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