Does Taco Bell Exist in Mexico? (All You Need to Know)

If you intend to travel or relocate to Mexico in the near future, you may be wondering whether Taco Bell exists in Mexico.

If this description fits you, we recommend going through this article in which you’ll learn about everything to do with Taco Bell in Mexico!

Does Taco Bell Exist in Mexico In 2024?

Currently, there are no Taco Bell branches in Mexico in 2024. Taco Bell was first established in Mexico in the ’90s and the chain opened for the first time in 1992. Taco Bell was meant to expand to other cities, but this dream never came to reality due to several complications, such as the relatively higher taco prices.

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Why Did Taco Bell Fail in Mexico?

There are several reasons why Taco Bell failed in Mexico. These include:

  1. Taco Bell launched using a street cart- Instead of launching a fully-fledged brick-and-mortar location, which was the popular thing at the time (in Mexico City), Taco Bell started with a street food cart.
  2. Prices were slightly higher- The average cost of a Taco in Mexico was $2. When Taco Bell launched in Mexico in 1992, the average cost of a small beverage and Taco was $3.25, which didn’t go down well with customers.
  3. Inauthentic menu items- Mexicans were not familiar with some of the items on the menu. For example, Hard Taco, a common item at Taco Bell restaurants, doesn’t have roots in Mexican cuisine.
  4. Taco Bell imported frozen meat from the US- Although frozen meat is used at many restaurants in the US, that’s not the case in Mexico. Restaurants and street food vendors usually use freshly cut meat to prepare their items.
  5. No need for more tacos in Mexico: There were too many authentic local fast food locations in Mexico, and introducing new ones was (and still is) an uphill journey.

When Was Taco Bell in Mexico?

The first branch of Taco Bell opened in Mexico City (Mexico) as a food cart in 1992. The chain was planning to open another branch in the city, as well as Tijuana afterward.

However, locals were unimpressed with the menu items that were not similar to their authentic Mexican counterparts.

The market was very unfriendly to the new brand, and people were very used to authentic Mexican food, forcing it to leave the country after two years.

Taco Bell attempted to open in Mexico again in 2007. However, the fast-food chain experienced the same problems.

Locals felt that the chain offered inauthentic tacos, even though it had rebranded to clarify that it was not trying to offer authentic Mexican food.

The chain even included soft serve ice cream and fries on the Menu to lure customers and sell itself as an American brand, but these efforts were futile.

Which Other Fast Food Chains Are Similar to Taco Bell in Mexico?

Which Other Fast Food Chains Are Similar to Taco Bell in Mexico?

Even though Taco Bell is not available in Mexico, there are several alternatives that you can visit and enjoy your favorite meals. The best ones include:

  1. Pujol in Mexico City
  2. Quintonil in Mexico City
  3. El mural de los Poblanos in Puebla City
  4. K’u’uk in Mérinda, Yucatán
  5. Casa de la Troje in Metepec

What Was Taco Bell Called in Mexico?

Taco Bell (as a restaurant) doesn’t exist in Mexico- its crunch taco (called “Tacostada” in the USA) resembles the Mexican tostada, hence its name.

What is Mexican Chicken at Taco Bell?

The Mexi wrap consists of a warm flour tortilla layered with diced tomato, crispy chicken, creamy ranch sauce, and nacho cheese and grilled perfectly.

Do Tacos Exist in Mexico?

There are several types of Tacos in Mexico, and they vary greatly depending on the part of the country you’re in. Popular ones include:

  • Pastor Tacos
  • Suadera Tacos
  • Carnitas Tacos
  • Barbacoa Tacos
  • Birria

How Much Do Tacos Cost in Mexico?

Tacos go for an average of eight to 15 pesos per Taco.

In some cases, you may come across outliers, like a six-peso tacos de canasta and a 35-peso shrimp tacos.

“Basket tacos” are available for a similar price, which are put in a basket and covered in hot oil until a customer comes by.

Was Taco Bell Invented by Mexicans?

Taco Bell was founded by Glen Bell, an American entrepreneur, in 1962.

The fast-food restaurant chain is headquartered in Irvine, California, and it offers foods that are Mexican-inspired.

As of 2024, the chain boasts 7,000+ branches and 350+ worldwide franchisees.

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Taco Bell doesn’t exist in Mexico. After several attempts, it failed to pick up, which led to its ultimate closure. However, you can access tacos and popular Mexican dishes at local restaurants in Mexico City and other parts of the country.

Popular versions of tacos that you can get in Mexico include the Pastor tacos, Carnitas tacos, and the Saudera tacos.

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