Does TJ Maxx Take American Express? (Plus Other Payment Methods)

If you happen to splurge while shopping, it’s always good to know that there are several payment methods you can use to make sure you can bring your bargains home.

Therefore, you may have wondered if TJ Maxx takes American Express and other types of payments. If so, carry on reading for the answers below!

Does TJ Maxx Take American Express In [currentyear]?

TJ Maxx accepts American Express cards for online and in-store payments in [currentyear]. You can also use American Express gift cards at TJ Maxx stores and online to pay for purchases. HomeGoods and Marshalls stores, which are also part of the TJX family of companies, likewise accept American Express.

To find out more about which types of payments you can use at TJ Maxx, carry on reading for more useful facts and tips!

Does TJ Maxx Accept Payments With American Express?

When shopping, it’s always convenient to have the choice of a number of different payment methods so you can pick whichever is best for you.

This is especially true at stores like TJ Maxx, which is referred to as ‘the home of adventure shopping,’ and for a good reason.

You never know when you might find a wonderful bargain or just the right piece of accent furniture for your home.

Therefore, many shoppers will be glad to learn that they can also use American Express cards at TJ Maxx, both online and in stores.

What Other Payment Methods Does TJ Maxx Accept?

What Other Payment Methods Does TJ Maxx Accept?

To make payments more convenient for customers, TJ Maxx, like many other retailers, accepts many methods of payment for in-store and online purchases.

TJ Maxx accepts many different forms of payments, including credit and debit cards, checks, cash, and gift cards, which are listed as follows:

  • Credit cards (TJX Rewards credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover)
  • Debit or bank cards
  • Contactless Apple Pay payments in stores
  • Gift cards (T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover)
  • Paypal for online payments
  • Cash and checks in stores

Does HomeGoods Take American Express?

HomeGoods is owned by the TJX group of companies, along with TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Sierra. It also accepts American Express cards online and in stores.

Likewise, Marshalls stores are part of the TJX group of companies and also accept many different forms of payments, including American Express.

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TJ Maxx accepts payment with American Express in stores and online. The company also accepts a number of other types of payments, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal for online shopping, gift cards, cash, and checks.

HomeGoods and Marshalls stores likewise accept American Express credit cards and gift cards for payments in stores and online.

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