Does Tractor Supply Deliver? (Safes, Dog Food, Propane, Hay + More)

With recent changes like working from home, more and more people rely on home delivery for everything from coffee to electronics.

If you’ve been too busy to head out to the store to pick up a bag of dog food or a bale of hay, you may be wondering if Tractor Supply will deliver for you. I looked it up and found all the details you need to know!

Does Tractor Supply Deliver In [currentyear]?

Tractor Supply offers same-day delivery service from its stores to surrounding areas as of [currentyear]. For same-day delivery, orders must be placed before 2 pm, and the delivery location must be within 25 miles of the store. Orders placed after 2 pm or with delivery locations more than 25 miles away will be delivered the next day.

For more information on Tractor Supply’s home delivery service, carry on reading. You’ll find all you need to know here!

Can You Get Home Delivery From Tractor Supply?

Shoppers could always shop online at Tractor Supply and have their items shipped to their homes via services like UPS and FedEx.

Currently, shoppers can also get same-day delivery from their local stores. With that, almost everything Tractor Supply sells is eligible for the same-day delivery service.

Moreover, this service is offered in partnership with Roadie, a nationwide same-day delivery service.

Also, all 1,863 Tractor Supply stores offer same-day delivery as long as the order meets eligibility conditions.

How Do I Get Same-Day Delivery From Tractor Supply?

To find out if your item is eligible for same-day delivery, you can check the product page on the Tractor Supply website. 

As you can imagine, delivery options for various items depend on the quantity and size as well as the delivery location.

If available for your item, you can select “Same-Day Delivery” when adding it to your cart.

Then, if your order is placed before 2 pm and the delivery location is less than 25 miles from the store, it will be delivered the same day.

However, if you place the order after 2 pm or the delivery location is more than 25 miles from the store, delivery will be made the next day. 

Also, you can specify the day of delivery if you prefer.

For example, if you want to change the delivery date after the order has been placed, you can contact Customer Solutions online or at 1-877-718-6750.

How Much Does Same-Day Delivery Cost At Tractor Supply?

The charges for same-day delivery vary for different items and are based on the size and weight of the order.

Fortunately, you will see the delivery cost on the checkout screen before submitting your order.

Do I Have To Be Home To Receive A Delivery From Tractor Supply?

Do I Have To Be Home To Receive A Delivery From Tractor Supply?

You don’t need to be home at the time of delivery. Instead, you can check the box that says “Item(s) may be delivered and left unattended if I am not home at the time of delivery” in the shopping cart.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver On Sundays?

Yes, Tractor Supply does deliver on Sunday. Additionally, you can get same-day delivery seven days a week.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Safes?

Tractor Supply sells safes and gun safes, but these are available only online and not in stores. Therefore, they are not eligible for same-day delivery.

With that, safes can be ordered online and shipped to the customer or the store for pick up.

Does Tractor Supply Delivery Safes To Stores?

Tractor Supply does give customers the Ship to Store option for safes and gun safes, and you can choose this option at checkout.

When your order is ready for pickup, you will be notified via email or text. Also, most Ship to Store items are eligible for curbside or contactless pickup.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Dog Food?

Most dog food at Tractor Supply is eligible for same-day home delivery. But, remember that you must place the order before 2 pm to ensure delivery on the same day.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Propane?

Tractor Supply does offer same-day delivery for most propane tanks. However, to refill propane tanks, customers must bring the old tank to a store.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Hay?

Tractor Supply sells several different kinds of hay bundles and has different delivery options.

Unfortunately, hay bales cannot be delivered or shipped but must be bought in-store.

However, packaged hay blocks are eligible for same-day delivery, Ship to Store, and curbside pickup.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver Pellets?

Tractor Supply does offer same-day delivery for wood pellets. Moreover, other options include standard shipping and Ship to Store and curbside/contactless pickup.

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Tractor Supply’s home delivery service is a convenient option if you’re too busy to make a trip out to the store or if you need bulky items like dog food or wood pellets.

That said, most eligible items can be delivered on the same or the next day, seven days a week.

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