Does Trader Joe’s Drug Test? (Must Read Before Applying)

Trader Joe’s is one of the largest chain grocery stores in the United States and is always looking for new employees. If you are looking into joining the Trader Joe’s team, you might be wondering whether or not you are required to take a drug test.

If this sounds like you, look no further- I have done the research and have found out exactly what you can expect!

Does Trader Joe’s Drug Test In [currentyear]?

It’s unlikely that you’ll be asked to take a drug test before or during your employment at Trader Joe’s in [currentyear]. According to store employees, the only time you may be asked to take a drug test is if you have shown a reason that drug use is affecting your work or if you have strict management.

Keep reading to learn everything you’ll want to know about Trader Joe’s drug testing policy and what you can expect!

Does Trader Joe’s Drug Test For Employment?

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether or not all Trader Joe’s stores conduct drug testing when you are applying for a job.

With that, Trader Joe’s is a large company that, no doubt, wants to keep a good reputation for its stores.

Therefore, this means that employees have the responsibility to keep themselves and their customers out of danger from the use of drugs.

Still, I cannot say for sure whether or not Trader Joe’s will have you take a drug test, so if you are going in for an interview, it might be a good idea to play it safe.

However, note that Trader Joe’s does reserve the right to do drug testing, either while you are already employed or before you are hired.

Does Trader Joe’s Drug Test Employees?

Managers at Trader Joe’s are more concerned about the customer’s shopping experience and that employees are getting their work done than whether employees should be tested for drugs.

Also, Trader Joe’s values its employees and believes it’s important for managers and employees to bond, which is complicated to do when there is seemingly no trust.

In fact, it’s an uncommon practice for any level of employment to be tested in this manner.

How Often Does Trader Joe’s Drug Test?

According to many former and current employees, they have never been drug tested at Trader Joe’s.

However, Trader Joe’s reserves the right to conduct drug testing at any point before or after you have been hired.

Nevertheless, it is extremely unlikely that the company will go out of its way to drug test you.

What Kind Of Drug Testing Does Trader Joe’s Use?

What Kind Of Drug Testing Does Trader Joe’s Use?

Employees who are required to take a drug test at Trader Joe’s will be asked to do so using a urine sample, which is collected and then sent to a lab for testing.

However, It is unlikely that you will be asked to submit a drug test unless your store has more strict policies.

What Drugs Does Trader Joe’s Test For?

Similar to other businesses and supermarkets in the United States, Trader Joe’s administers drugs tests for the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines

Does Trader Joe’s Tolerate The Use Of Drugs At Work?

Trader Joe’s does not tolerate the use of drugs at work.

So, if you are required to participate in taking a drug test, and you fail, you can get into serious trouble with the company.

Additionally, if there is an incident at work, a drug test is more likely to be ordered as part of an investigation.

Does Trader Joe’s Drug Test In Florida?

While Trader Joe’s doesn’t require drug testing as a company, it is Florida’s federal law that certain positions require employees to take a drug test.

For example, these positions include roles with high-security clearance and transportation positions.

Therefore, if someone works at Trader Joe’s as a delivery driver, for example, and a Florida location employs them, they might be required to take a drug test.

However, this could vary depending on the position’s requirements and be up to the manager’s discretion.

Does Trader Joe’s Drug Test In California?

According to state law in California, drug testing is not required for pre-employment.

Therefore, Trader Joe’s does not require its employees to submit to a drug test in that state.

Will Trader Joe’s Tell Your Drug Test Results?

Along with other major supermarkets, Trader Joe’s will notify you when the results from your drug test arrive if you were required to take one.

However, it should be noted that while Trader Joe’s does not intentionally prolong notifying you of whether you passed or failed, there may be a delay if the test was taken on a weekend.

Therefore, if some time has passed since you took your drug test and you are concerned about your result, you can get a hold of your hiring manager for an update.

What Other Grocery Stores Require Drug Testing?

While Trader Joe’s does not always require drug testing in its stores, there are a number of grocery stores that do have this requirement.

For example, these stores are as follows:

  • Safeway
  • Kroger
  • Whole Foods
  • Aldi

At the companies mentioned above, listed below are the drugs for which employees are most frequently tested:

  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Nicotine
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines

That said, note that some companies also object to alcohol showing up on a drug test and may fail employees if such a result appears. However, this may vary per company.

Overall, if you plan to apply at any of the grocery stores mentioned above, you will want to be prepared to sit a pre-employment drug test.

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It is very unlikely that you will be drug tested at Trader Joe’s unless there is a valid reason to believe you should take a test.

For example, these cases include if your work performance has decreased or customers are not enjoying their shopping experience.

Also, you may have an unusually strict manager who may require you to be tested, but this isn’t likely to happen.

Note, though, that states like Florida require drug testing for certain positions such as delivery drivers, in which case testing may be required.

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