Does Uber Take Cash App? (Full Guide)

Cash App allows its users to simplify how they deal with payments by giving them more flexibility with options like sending and receiving money that you can use immediately, all from your phone.

If you’re wondering whether you can use Cash App on Uber, we looked into what options you have and here’s what we found!

Does Uber Take Cash App In 2024?

Uber takes Cash App but you’d need to add it through your Cash App Cash Card. Cash App is still not supported as a direct payment method on Uber or Uber Eats so you have to add and use the cash card as a regular debit card. You can load cash to Cash App through your bank or select stores.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about using Cash App on Uber, including how it works, alternate payment options and more!

How To Use Cash App On Uber

To use Cash App on Uber you would need to add your Cash Card through the following steps:

  1. In the Uber app, open the meu using the button on the top left corner
  2. Click on “Payment”
  3. Click on “Add payment method”
  4. Click on “Credit or debit card”
  5. Enter the information for your Cash Card, i.e. the card number, expiration date, zip code and CVV number (this is the same as the CVC). You can find this information on the back of the card
  6. Click on “Save” to complete the process

After you do this, the card will show up alongside your other payment methods as a regular Visa debit card.

Uber also accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay, both of which let you add your Cash App Cash Card.

You can add your Cash App card to Apple Pay using these steps:

  1. On the Cash App home screen, tap on the “Cash Card” tab
  2. Click on the image of the Cash Card to bring up the menu
  3. Select “Add to Apple Pay”
  4. Confirm your name and card number from the next screen
  5. Accept the terms and conditions to complete the process

Follow these steps to add your Cash App Cash Card to Google Pay:

  1. Open the Google Pay app and click the “Payment methods” at the bottom center of the screen
  2. Click on “Add payment method”
  3. Enter the necessary information, e.g. the card number, expiration date and CVC number, which is the same as the CVV
  4. Click on “Save” to complete and add it as a Visa card

How Does The Cash App Cash Card Work?

Your Cash App Cash Card works like a regular Visa debit card but the balance is what’s in your Cash App account.

This means that you can use it wherever Visa is accepted and you can get one without a bank account.

Can You Use Cash App To Get Uber Cash?

You can use Cash App to buy Uber Cash after you’ve added the service’s card to your list of payment methods.

This way, you can use it like a Visa debit card to buy Uber Cash from within the Uber app.

How To Get A Cash App Cash Card

How To Get A Cash App Cash Card Uber

To get a Cash App Cash Card you’ll need to order one through these steps:

  1. From the Cash App home screen, navigate to the Cash Card section using an icon that looks like a card
  2. Click on “Get free Cash Card”
  3. Choose the style of card you want
  4. Click on “Personalize card” to add your own design elements or skip this step and go straight to “Order card”
  5. Confirm the address where the card will be sent then click on “Next”
  6. Confirm your name then click “Next”
  7. Go over the details of the card, enter your PIN then complete the process

It should take 10 days for the physical card to be delivered but you can use it via Apple Pay and Google Pay as soon as you order it.

You’ll need to activate the card and be at least 18 to order it.

How Do I Put Cash On My Cash App Card?

Your Cash App Cash Card uses the balance in your Cash App account, which you can load using the following methods:

  1. Depositing paper cash at select physical retailers
  2. Through a linked bank account
  3. Receiving the money from another Cash App user

Some of the retail stores where you can use physical cash to load your Cash App include:

  1. Walmart
  2. Walgreens
  3. 7-Eleven
  4. Family Dollar
  5. Dollar General
  6. Thorntons
  7. StopNGo
  8. GoMart
  9. H-E-B
  10. Speedway
  11. KwikTrip
  12. Sheetz

Is Cash App International?

Unfortunately, Cash App is not international. It was originally only available in the US but it would later launch in the UK in April 2018.

As of now the only international transactions you can do on Cash App are between the US and UK.

What Payment Methods Does Uber Accept?

Uber accepts the following payment methods:

  1. Credit cards
  2. Debit cards
  3. Cash
  4. Gift cards
  5. Venmo
  6. Paypal
  7. Digital wallets

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Uber takes Cash App but you’d have to use it through the Cash App Cash Card, loaded via your Cash App balance. This free card works like a Visa debit card and you can use it wherever they’re accepted, including Uber and Uber Eats.

You can add cash to your Cash App card through a linked bank account, having someone else with a Cash App account send you money or using paper money at retailers like Walmart, 7-Eleven and Dollar General.

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