Does Ulta Give Perfume Samples? (All You Need to Know)

Finding your signature scent can certainly be a challenge, especially when perfumes are so expensive. The mere idea of trying out multiple perfumes at a time may make your wallet quiver. This is why many consumers reach for perfume samples to try before they buy a full size.

So, if you are reading this article, it’s likely that you are wondering if Ulta gives out samples of its perfumes. And if not, where you can get your hands on some samples. This article answers these questions and more, so keep reading!

Does Ulta Give Perfume Samples in 2024?

Getting a perfume sample from Ulta will not be as easy as it sounds. In most cases, you will not be able to get any perfume samples simply because companies just aren’t supplying them anymore. However, according to one customer, you may be able to get a Lancome sample at some locations, but it is highly unlikely in 2024.

Keep reading if you would like to find out where you might be able to find perfume samples, if Ulta gives out samples on any of its products, and more!

Is It Possible to Get Perfume Samples at Ulta?

Many customers say that in the past when ordering from Ulta online, you were able to stock up on sample sizes of most perfumes that the store has to offer.

However, this no longer seems to be the case, as it has been noted by regular customers that they haven’t received any sample perfumes from either shopping in-store or online.

However, one customer did say that they have gotten Lancome perfume samples fairly recently, so it may be possible to find samples for just this specific brand.

Some department stores can make a perfume sample for you by dipping a cotton swab into the perfume and placing it into a sealed plastic bag.

However, there is no current information available that explains whether Ulta employees will do this for you.

In order to be sure of whether you will be able to pick up some samples on your next shopping trip, your best bet will be to call your closest location to ask beforehand.

Where Can You Get Perfume Samples?

Where Can You Get Perfume Samples? Ulta

The best places that you will most likely be able to stock up on some free sample-sized perfumes will be Sephora and Nordstrom.

This is especially the case if you are already making a purchase within the store, as giving out samples on a product is generally common practice.

Both of these stores are generally willing to make you a sample by dipping a cotton swab into a tester perfume bottle and placing it into a sealed plastic bag if there is no sample size available.

Otherwise, some employees may be generous enough to fill up a clean and empty sample size bottle that you have brought into the store yourself.

Can You Get Samples On Anything at Ulta?

Now that you know that Ulta doesn’t give offer perfume samples, you’re probably not surprised to hear that Ulta doesn’t offer samples for other products around the store.

The companies that supply the products for Ulta are responsible for bringing in sample sizes of its items. However, when it comes to Ulta, it doesn’t seem that many samples are provided.

This is most likely simply because Ulta mainly focuses on its rewards program rather than providing samples for customer convenience.

Though sample-sized products are not readily available, it may be possible to get small samples of a product by asking an employee for assistance.

Sometimes the employees will be willing to give you a few drops or pieces of a product in a small container for you to test out the product before you buy a full size.

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Sadly, it may not be possible to get perfume samples, let alone samples on any products from Ulta, simply because the store just doesn’t have a stockpile of sample-sized products.

So, in order to be sure of whether you can get samples from your favorite Ulta, you will want to give the store a call before making the trip to ask if there are samples available.

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