Does UPS Deliver in Bad Weather? (Snow, Rain + More)

UPS handles nearly 16 million packages a day, and considering how vastly the weather can change by day and location, UPS deals with a lot of different weather.

So, does UPS deliver in bad weather, like snow and rain, and if so, what do you need to know about it? If you’d like to find out, continue reading this article to see what I discovered!

Does UPS Deliver in Bad Weather In [currentyear]?

UPS does deliver in most bad weather conditions, provided the weather conditions don’t pose a risk to the driver’s safety. This means that UPS will deliver during rainy or snowy days, but will not during hurricanes, blizzards, or extremely icy conditions. Note that UPS doesn’t offer refunds for weather-related delays in [currentyear].

If you live or are sending a package to an area that experiences temperamental weather, or just want to better understand how weather can affect your next UPS package, read on for more facts!

Does UPS Deliver When It’s Raining?

Considering the sheer number of deliveries and different geographic locations UPS serves, it wouldn’t be in the company’s best business interests to halt all deliveries every time it rains.

For this reason, UPS does deliver in the rain.

UPS takes several steps to make sure packages are still protected, even when they’re being delivered in inclement weather like rain.

Typically, this includes wrapping the package in a plastic bag and placing it in a covered area, such as on a porch or under patio furniture.

It’s important to note that while UPS may deliver in most rainy conditions, there are circumstances where rainy conditions are a reason to stop deliveries for the day.

Some conditions that involve rain that will result in a weather delay for deliveries are:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornados
  • Typhoons
  • Tropical storms
  • Flash floods
  • Extreme thunderstorms

If you’re concerned that the rain in your area may result in some kind of weather-related package delay, then you can check the Service Alerts page of the UPS website here.

You can also check your tracking information on the UPS website here.

Does UPS Deliver When It’s Snowing?

Does UPS Deliver When It’s Snowing?

Snow is another common form of precipitation, and as such, UPS will also deliver while it’s snowing in the area.

Another way snowy and rainy conditions are treated similarly by UPS is in the way UPS delivers packages.

Just like rain, snow can mean wet conditions and the potential for damaged packages.

Therefore, UPS drivers will take many of the same precautions with packages delivered in snowy conditions, including placing them in covered areas and wrapping them in plastic bags.

Snow in small doses, or in places that are prepared to deal with certain amounts of it, usually will not be the reason for any package delays.

This being said, however, snow can be a symptom of many more extreme weather conditions, which can result in weather-related package delays.

Some instances where snowy conditions can affect delivery times are:

  • Blizzards
  • Extremely icy roads
  • Extreme amounts of snow (varies depending on the geographic area in question)
  • Hail storms
  • Whiteouts
  • Winter storms
  • Snow squalls

Does UPS Refund for Weather Delays?

Unfortunately, UPS does not issue refunds for delays due to inclement weather.

This is because UPS’ refund policy revolves around the idea that it will pay out refunds for conditions that were under the company’s control that didn’t meet the standard it tries to uphold.

Let’s say, for example, that a UPS driver was to put a package on someone’s uncovered porch while it was raining, and did not use the provided plastic bags to wrap the package.

If the package were to get wet and damaged, and the customer was to file a claim, then a refund would likely be issued, as the damage would have been avoidable.

On the other hand, let’s say that a package was supposed to be delivered on a Monday to an address in Austin, Texas, but the arrival time rolls around and Austin roads are covered in ice.

The customer may check their tracking information and see a notification that says their package has been delayed and will not be delivered until Wednesday.

The customer may want to file a claim and ask for a refund, but since the weather is outside of UPS’ control, a refund will not be issued.

Nevertheless, if you think your package is delayed or damaged qualifies for a refund, be sure to file a claim with UPS, which you can do by visiting this page of their website.

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UPS does deliver in bad weather, such as rainy or snowy conditions. However, if the rain or snow is part of a larger inclement weather storm, such as a blizzard or hurricane, UPS deliveries for the area will stop.

You can use the UPS service alerts page to see if there are any inclement weather system warnings in effect or check the status of your package.

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