Does UPS Laminate? (All You Need to Know)

UPS provides a ton of services that make life easier for its customers, from individual package pick-ups from your front door to offering various printing services at UPS Stores.

But does UPS offer laminating services- and if so, how much does it cost, and what do you need to know before you try to get something laminated? If you’d like to learn the answer, keep reading!

Does UPS Laminate In [currentyear]?

UPS Stores do laminate, but because UPS stores are individually owned and operated, services and pricing can vary depending on the location in [currentyear]. The UPS Store will laminate smaller projects like business cards for around $1.50 per card, although you should contact your UPS Store to get a more accurate price range.

If you’re looking to get your next laminating project done at a UPS Store, be sure to read on to see some price comparisons and helpful tips and tricks to save you time and money!

What Will UPS Laminate?

UPS Stores are franchises, which means that every UPS Store, while being a part of the UPS Corporation, is an individually owned and operated business.

This means that the laminating services it offers and the prices can vary depending on the location.

Because there is no universal standard menu of services and pricing, it’s always best to call your local UPS Store to discuss what laminating services it offers and at what prices.

You can find your local UPS Store on this page of the UPS website by typing in your address or zip code.

However, as a general rule, there are items that most, if not all, UPS Stores are capable of laminating, including the following:

  • Business cards
  • Posters (depending on the size)
  • Menus
  • Presentation and proposal covers
  • Invitations
  • Flyers
  • Door hangers
  • Copies
  • Brochures
  • Bookmarks

Because UPS Stores are individually owned and operated franchises, the company’s respective store owners are the ones footing the bill for laminating machines.

Therefore, while most UPS Stores will have standard machines, bigger machines may be less common.

This means that for smaller projects such as 8”x10” posters, you can expect most locations to be able to laminate it without a problem.

For bigger laminating projects, like a poster that is 36”x48,” you may need to shop around a bit more before you find a location with a laminating machine that’s the right size.

How Much Does It Cost to Laminate Something UPS?

How Much Does It Cost to Laminate Something UPS?

As previously mentioned, every UPS Store is an independently owned and operated franchise, which means that the costs of the services provided tend to vary based on location.

To get the best, most accurate estimate for your current project, you should reach out to your local UPS Store location, which you can find on this page of the UPS Store website.

Once you’ve found your local UPS Store, you can either call the store via phone or shoot them an email.

While I can’t tell you what the exact price is for UPS laminating services, there are some ballpark estimates floating around on UPS forums.

For example, to laminate a business card at the UPS Store, you can expect to pay around $1.50 per business card.

Laminating an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper will cost around $1.95 per paper, whereas a 12” x 18” paper will cost about $4.55 per project to laminate.

Note that these are just estimates, so if you want to know your local UPS Store’s laminating capabilities and the prices for its services, phone to store and speak to a UPS employee.

How Do I Get Something Laminated at UPS?

If you’re interested in using the UPS Store for your next project that involves laminating, the first thing you should do is always find your local UPS Store.

Next, call or email the store you’re interested in visiting to inquire about the services they offer.

 If you’re laminating something that is the size of a sheet of printer paper or smaller, most stores will be able to help.

However, if the item you wish to laminate is a larger size, the store isn’t guaranteed to have the right equipment.

Once you’ve found a store that offers the laminating service you’re looking for, all you need to do is grab the item or items you want laminated and pay your store a visit.

Depending on the store, you also may be able to make an appointment online, so be sure to visit your local store’s website if you want a guaranteed way to skip the line.

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UPS offers services like lamination, but because UPS stores are independently owned, not every UPS Store will offer the same laminating services and prices.

However, as a general rule, the UPS Store will laminate nearly anything at $1.50-$4.55 depending on the size, but  some projects that require larger machinery may not be possible if your local UPS doesn’t have the necessary equipment.

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