Does USPS Take UPS Packages? (All You Need To Know)

Both USPS and UPS are household names when it comes to shipping services and are fierce competitors in the industry.

Since they provide the same service, however, is it possible to drop off a UPS package at USPS? Here is all you need to know!

Does USPS Take UPS Packages?

USPS will only accept UPS packages if they are UPS Mail Innovations packages due to a hybrid shipping service agreement. Any UPS package that is not a UPS Mail Innovations package will not be accepted by USPS. You can still track your UPS package even if it is being shipped by USPS.

There’s a lot that goes into a package moving from one shipping company to another, so read on to learn how to navigate USPS and UPS cross-over!

Do USPS and UPS Work Together?

It’s important to note that USPS and UPS are completely different companies that offer the same service and are most notably different in the way that UPS is privately owned, whereas USPS is a federal service.

However, both companies have begun working together to create hybrid shipping services, similar to how USPS and FedEx have begun working together.

The hybrid shipping service that UPS and USPS offer that allows UPS packages to be dropped off at USPS is called UPS Mail Innovations.

What Is UPS Mail Innovations?

UPS Mail Innovations is a hybrid shipping service offered by UPS and USPS that allows you to drop a UPS package off at USPS locations.

UPS Mail Innovations is actually a separate branch of UPS that was created to help make shipping and receiving packages more convenient and less expensive.

This hybrid shipping service utilizes the individual resources of both UPS and USPS that the other company does not have in order to create a more streamlined shipping process and create faster, less expensive shipping options for consumers.

For example, USPS has far more locations to drop off packages, which adds convenience for the customer who needs to ship a package.

UPS, on the other hand, has a fleet of planes available to help expedite deliveries, which is more convenient for those who are receiving packages.

By both companies coming together to create the hybrid shipping service UPS Mail Innovations, they both profit from the additional business while consumers have their needs met faster, more effectively, and more conveniently.

Will USPS Accept a UPS Package Even If It’s Not a UPS Mail Innovations Package?

Will USPS Accept a UPS Package Even If It Is Not A UPS Mail Innovations Package?

While some USPS post offices will accept UPS packages that are not UPS Mail Innovations packages due to the fact that they have UPS workers who stop by regularly for Mail Innovations packages, they only do this as a courtesy, and it is not the case for all locations.

As a general rule, you cannot expect USPS to accept UPS packages unless they are UPS Mail Innovations packages.

USPS does not accept other UPS packages because USPS is a federal organization that has limits and regulations on what can be shipped and the dimensions of shipments, as well as the fact that they do not profit from shipping packages for other companies.

To learn more about how to use UPS Mail Innovations, you can click here.

How Do I Drop Off a UPS Package at USPS?

First, be sure you’re using UPS Mail Innovations so that your package will be accepted.

If you are using UPS Mail Innovations, you can simply drop off your package the same way you would any other USPS package- by visiting your local post office or a nearby USPS dropbox.

How Can I Track a UPS Package Being Shipped Through USPS?

You can track a UPS Mail Innovations package by using either the shipping number provided to you by UPS or the USPS tracking number provided on the confirmation email you receive once the package is in a USPS facility.

To find your UPS Mail Innovations tracking number, look for the purchase confirmation email from the business you’ve bought something from, or look for the UPS confirmation email.

Your UPS Mail Innovations tracking number is typically 22 characters long and is a combination of both alpha and numeric characters that is specific to your package.

To find your USPS tracking number, you can look for the confirmation email from USPS stating that they have received your package and are getting ready to ship it.

USPS tracking numbers are typically 20-22 digits long and only contain numbers, not letters.

Once you have either one of these tracking numbers, you can use either the UPS tracking site, which is linked here, or the USPS tracking site, which is linked here.

Both tracking sites can take from 24-48 hours to update with any kind of tracking information, so if you don’t see anything immediately, it’s best to be patient, as your tracking information will become available shortly.

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