Does Verizon Pay You To Switch? (How Much They Pay, Phone Carriers + More)

Let’s say you’re unhappy with your current cell phone provider. In that case, you might be considering switching to Verizon for your next cell phone coverage. So, you might be asking, will Verizon pay me to switch over?

I was curious about the same thing because some cell phone providers offer new customers special deals when they switch. If you want to learn more about switching to Verizon, make sure you check out all of my research on the matter!

Does Verizon Pay You To Switch In 2024?

Verizon pays you to switch from your old cell phone carrier to Verizon by giving you a prepaid gift card as of 2024. The amount of money Verizon offers you to switch varies depending on if any special promotions are running. Also, Verizon will pay the early termination fee if one exists up to $350.

Do you want to learn even more about how Verizon handles getting people to switch from their current cell phone provider, such as if it pays you to switch from AT&T? Read below to learn more!

Will Verizon Pay My Phone Off When I Switch Providers?

Yes, Verizon does pay your phone off to switch.

In this case, it works by Verizon giving you the trade-in value on your phone, with you then using that money to pay off the early termination fee.

However, if the trade-in value of your device is less than what you owe to pay your early termination fee, Verizon still covers the difference, so you won’t have to pay anything!

Will Verizon Pay Me To Switch From AT&T?

Yes, Verizon will pay for you to switch from AT&T.

With that, you can get up to $650 per line if you trade in your old device, purchase a new one with Verizon, and get on a device payment plan.

On top of that, Verizon offers the money in the form of a prepaid card, which allows you to pay off your remaining AT&T balance. Plus, you might have some money left over!

If you’re still on a contract, Verizon will give you up to $350 to help cover the costs of an early termination fee.

Does Verizon Pay For You To Switch Over From Sprint?

Yes, Verizon will pay you to switch from Sprint. With that, Verizon offers up to $650 in the form of a prepaid card to buy out your contract and cover the early termination fees.

However, the amount could even be higher depending on if there’s a special promotion going on, which happens at certain times of the year, such as around Black Friday.

Will Verizon Pay Off My T-Mobile Contract?

Will Verizon Pay Off My T-Mobile Contract?

Yes, Verizon will pay off your T-Mobile contract and give you a prepaid card worth up to $650 to cover the fees associated with your bill, such as the installment plan balance.

Furthermore, Verizon will give you a $350 prepaid card to pay the early termination fee if you switch from T-Mobile to Verizon.

Does Verizon Offer Other Pay-To-Switch Promotions?

Verizon offers a variety of pay-to-switch promotions all year long that could save you anywhere between $500 to $700, with the average savings being around $650.

However, Verizon does offer more than $650 promotional deals to switch. But these bigger promotions, such as paying you $1,000 to change cell phone providers, only run certain times of the year

Also, special promotions run when new devices are released, like on the latest iPhones, where you can earn more money for switching over.

Can I Switch To Verizon If I Still Owe Money On My Phone?

Even if you still owe money on your current phone, you can switch to Verizon. With that, Verizon has offered to cover the fees associated with the payment installments for your device!

Additionally, Verizon will often negotiate with your old provider on the amount of money outstanding so that it can save some money by paying off your agreement.

Can You Keep Your Number When You Switch To Verizon?

Yes, you can keep your phone number when you switch to Verizon, and porting your number is easy to do.

But, it’s important not to cancel your current contract until you’ve ported your number.

For example, if you cancel the account with your current carrier before you finalize the switch, you could lose your number, so make sure to keep the contract open until it’s all completed.

To easily port your number, just tell Verizon you want to port your number, give an employee your phone number with the area code and other account information they need.

Furthermore, Verizon will contact the phone carrier and begin transferring your phone number to your new Verizon account.

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Fortunately, Verizon pays you to switch carriers and gives you a prepaid card to pay off any remaining installment balance you owe to your previous carrier.

Additionally, Verizon will cover the costs associated with any early termination fees and runs promotions throughout the year where you can earn up to $1,000 for switching!

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