Does Verizon Work In Hawaii? (All You Need To Know)

No matter the time of year, Hawaii is an excellent vacation getaway for the family or a group of friends. However, even though you’ll be on vacation, it’s nice to know whether or not your phone will work in the island paradise.

For example, if you have Verizon, you might be asking, does Verizon work in Hawaii? I was curious about the same thing because some cell phone providers don’t offer coverage in this state. Here’s everything I discovered about Verizon’s cell phone coverage in Hawaii!

Does Verizon Work In Hawaii In [currentyear]?

Verizon works in Hawaii, and you can get 4G LTE and 5G coverage in some locations throughout the state as of [currentyear]. Since Hawaii is part of the United States, it’s considered domestic, so you’re not charged any additional fees. Verizon has exceptional coverage throughout Hawaii, and it’s the second-most popular cell phone provider in the area.

Do you want to know even more about which islands Verizon works on and if Hawaii is considered international calling? Continue reading below to find the answers!

Can You Use Verizon In Hawaii?

Yes, you can use Verizon in Hawaii, and because Hawaii is known as being one of the best vacation spots, you’ll find that the coverage is strong and reliable in most locations.

Furthermore, Verizon has an interactive coverage map that allows you to see what the coverage is like worldwide to help you plan your trips.

So, if you look at Hawaii on the Verizon coverage map, you can see it includes 4G LTE, and there’s even 5G in some locations, although Verizon is still behind in 5G service in Hawaii.

What Makes Verizon Service So Good In Hawaii?

Verizon service is so good in Hawaii because of the number of cell towers found within the state.

Specifically, eight major islands make up Hawaii, but only seven are habitable.

So, all seven of these Hawaiian islands are surrounded by cell towers, meaning you’re going to get great cell phone coverage.

However, there are some locations in Hawaii outside of those seven islands where you don’t get coverage with Verizon, which you can see on the coverage map in white.

Still, the good news is that those spots without coverage are small and aren’t nearly as popular to visit.

Is Hawaii Considered International Calling With Verizon?

Hawaii is not considered an international calling location because it’s one of the states within the United States. Therefore, Hawaii is regarded as a domestic call on Verizon.

With that, this means that Verizon won’t charge you any additional fees if you’re traveling to Hawaii and plan on using your cell phone to make calls, receive calls, send texts, or receive texts.

Will Verizon Charge Me Roaming Fees While I’m In Hawaii?

No, you will not be charged any roaming fees in Hawaiiif you have Verizon since it doesn’t charge a fee for any domestic roaming on any of its nationwide service plans.

Does Verizon Work In Mountain View, Hawaii?

Fortunately, Verizon works very well in Mountain View, Hawaii, and it was one of the first locations where Verizon expanded its 4G LTE network back in 2012.

Does Verizon Wireless Work In Maui, Hawaii?

Does Verizon Wireless Work In Maui, Hawaii?

If you’re traveling to Maui, you’ll be happy to know that Verizon works exceptionally well there.

Further, Maui is one of the main islands that make up Hawaii and sees thousands of visitors every year.

Does Verizon Work In Oahu, Hawaii?

Fortunately, Verizon offers exceptionally clear and reliable cell phone service in Oahu, which is also one of the main islands in Hawaii.

Does Verizon Work In Honolulu, Hawaii?

Honolulu is Hawaii’s largest city and state capital, and Verizon offers fantastic coverage in the capital city.

On top of that, Honolulu is probably one of the most well-known places to visit in Hawaii and is known for having a massive tourist environment.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about missing a call or losing a signal on your Verizon phone while visiting Honolulu.

Does Verizon Work In Waipahu, Hawaii?

Verizon will work in Waipahu, and you’ll notice that the service is just as good in that location as it is in Honolulu and surrounding areas.

Does Verizon Work In Kauai, Hawaii?

Yes, Verizon works in Kauai, just as it works in almost every other area in Hawaii.

Additionally, there’s no loss of service or poor quality signal if you have Verizon and are anywhere within the island of Kauai.

How Much Coverage Does Verizon Have In Hawaii?

Verizon is one of the best cell phone providers in Hawaii, with only AT&T beating Verizon regarding overall coverage within the state.

Furthermore, Hawaii has 97 zip codes, and Verizon Wireless covers 94 of them, or 5,894 square meters, according to the most recent data.

In comparison, AT&T covers the same amount of zip codes but offers 6,390 square meters of coverage, meaning Verizon is the second-best cell phone provider in the state.

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Verizon does work in Hawaii, and it’s the second-biggest cell phone provider within the state, offering coverage in 94 of 97 zip codes covering 5,894 square meters.

Additionally, Verizon works in all big Hawaiian cities such as Honolulu, Oahu, Maui, and Mountain View, because there are cell towers on the seven main Hawaiian islands.

Moreover, Hawaii is part of the domestic calling plan since it’s part of the United States, so there are no roaming charges associated with using your Verizon phone while in Hawaii.

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