Does Verizon Price Match? (All You Need To Know)

If you’re looking to get a new phone from Verizon and want to get the best deal possible, you might want to know: does Verizon price match other retailers or phone providers?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Verizon and whether they have a price match policy!

Does Verizon Price Match In [currentyear]?

Verizon doesn’t have a price match policy, including no policy regarding price matching with other phone companies in [currentyear]. Verizon may occasionally offer you account credit, or you can call and have your account analyzed to see if you can get a better deal, but it’s nowhere near as good as a price match.

Do you want to know more about whether Verizon will price match with retail stores or if they will price match accessories?

If so, read on to learn what we’ve found out!

Does Verizon Price Match Amazon?

Unfortunately, Verizon doesn’t price match Amazon, regardless of the situation.

If you have already purchased a phone through Verizon and see a better deal on Amazon, Verizon will not give you the difference in credit or offer to refund you the difference.

Does Verizon Price Match Best Buy?

Verizon will not price match Best Buy, even though the company usually offers better deals on smartphones, including those from Verizon.

Does Verizon Price Match Phones?

Verizon doesn’t price match phones, regardless of whether the deal is coming from another cell phone provider or competitor, such as AT&T, nor does it price match retailers.

Does Verizon Price Match Headphones?

Verizon will not price match headphones, even if you’ve found a better deal from a competitor.

Does Verizon Price Match AirPods?

You cannot get a price match on AirPods through Verizon, as the company doesn’t price match accessories that another retailer sells cheaper, such as AirPods. 

Does Verizon Price Match Watches?

Verizon won’t price match watches regardless of the brand, including Apple smartwatches.

Does Verizon Price Match AT&T?

Verizon will not price match AT&T and has no policy that requires the company to price match.

Does Verizon Price Match Samsung?

Does Verizon Price Match Samsung?

Verizon will not price match Samsung, since the company doesn’t match other cell phone retailers.

Does Verizon Price Match Apple?

Verizon doesn’t price match Apple, even if you see a better deal at an Apple Store and bring in the deal to the Verizon location.

However, Verizon may offer sales and deals on Apple devices throughout the year, which does help bring the price of an Apple device down.

Does Verizon Price Match Trade-In?

Verizon doesn’t offer a price match on trade-in deals either, regardless of whether it’s another physical store or online retailer.

As well, if you check the trade-in value of your phone through an online source and it’s a better deal (which it usually is), then trade in with them and not Verizon to get more money!

Does Verizon Price Match Plans?

Verizon doesn’t price match plans, even if it’s from a competitor such as T-Mobile.

However, Verizon will analyze your account to see if you can get a better rate on your plan, but it’s not a price match, and you still might be paying more even after your account is analyzed.

What is the Verizon Price Protection Guarantee?

While Verizon does not price match, the company does have what’s called a Price Protection Guarantee.

This policy states that if you purchase a phone from Verizon and it goes on sale within 14 days of your purchase, the company will issue you a difference in credit form.

The caveat to this policy is that the phone or other device must be purchased in the same manner to qualify, such as a deal on a store or online purchase.

Additionally, if the device goes on sale outside of those 14 days, you will not get a credit.

Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the ads to see if the price changes within that window only.

How Can You Get Verizon to Price Match?

Unfortunately, you cannot get Verizon to price match any other retailer or carrier.

However, if you’re an existing customer, you can call customer service and threaten to cancel your account.

Threatening to cancel could lead to you getting credit through Verizon, although the credit might be minor compared to the price match you’re seeking.

This threat works best if you have done business with Verizon for a long time and have an account in good standing, but it won’t always work in your favor.

Why Doesn’t Verizon Price Match?

The main reason Verizon doesn’t price match is that the company doesn’t have to, and since the company has such a big share of the market, it knows customers will still pay.

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Verizon doesn’t price match other cell phone providers, such as Apple, AT&T, or T-Mobile, and also will not price match retailers including Amazon or Best Buy.  

However, Verizon does have a Price Protection Guarantee, which allows you to get store credit if the device you purchased goes on sale within a 14-day window after you’ve purchased the device from Verizon.

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