Does Verizon Do Trade-ins? (Your Complete Guide)

If you’re looking to get a new smartphone on a budget, you might think about trading in your old phone as a downpayment on a new phone and are wondering: does Verizon do trade-ins?

We’re going to tell you all you need to know about Verizon and whether or not you can trade-in your old device and get a newer one through the Verizon Wireless network so read on!

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins In [currentyear]?

Verizon offers trade-ins, but the amount of money you’ll get when you trade in your device for a new one will depend on several factors, such as age and condition of the old device. Verizon offers trade-ins for store credit, account credit, or you can choose to get your trade-in value through PayPal as of [currentyear].

Do you want to learn more about the Verizon trade-in policy, such as what the criteria is to trade in your old phone for a credit? If so, read below for all of the important details!

How Long Do You Have to Trade-in a Phone at Verizon?

If you’ve purchased a phone at Verizon and want to trade in your old device for credit, you have 30 days from the time you purchase the new phone to trade in your previous phone.

Does My Phone Have to be Paid off to Trade-in at Verizon?

If your phone trade-in value is less than what you still owe on the payment agreement, you’ll have to pay off the old device before you can get your new phone or another device.

However, if the trade-in value of the device exceeds what you still owe, then you can trade the device in immediately and upgrade your phone to a new one.

What Does Verizon Do With Traded-in Phones?

When you trade-in your phone to Verizon, the company tries to reuse and renew those devices so that they will be available for other customers to purchase.

Additionally, Verizon can choose to recycle the device instead if it’s not in working condition or a device that customers would purchase, as they want to keep electronics out of the landfill.

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins on iPhones?

Verizon does offer trade-ins on iPhones, although Verizon may not want an old iPhone and you’ll get more trade-in credit for newer iPhone devices.

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins on Apple Watches?

Verizon does offer trade-ins on Apple Watches, since the company will take any smartwatch as part of the trade-in program.

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins in the Store?

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins in the Store?

Verizon does offer trade-ins in all Verizon store locations, and you can use the Verizon store locator function to find the nearest store to get your trade-in process started.

Does Verizon Take Trade-ins on iPads?

Verizon will take a trade-in on an iPad, since the company takes trade-ins on tablets.

As well, you’ll likely get more money when you trade your old iPad in for a new device, due to the quality of the product.

How Do Verizon Trade-ins Work?

You have the option to trade in your old device either through the Verizon website, through the app, or while you’re in the Verizon store.

Furthermore, Verizon trade-ins work by starting with an appraisal of the device you’d like to trade-in.

You can do this yourself through the app or website by answering questions about your device, or go into a Verizon store and let the staff appraise the device.

Once your device has been appraised you can get account credit, a Verizon gift card, or PayPal credit.

Additionally, you can use the Verizon gift card to help pay your bill, help purchase a new device, or you can save the gift card for accessories down the road.

If you completed the trade-in process online, then Verizon will send you packaging so you can ship your old device back, and will pay for the shipping fees. 

Is Verizon Trade-in Worth It?

Most of the time, the Verizon trade-in isn’t worth it, as you’ll get significantly less money through Verizon than you would with a buyback store online.

This is similar to taking your items to a pawn shop vs selling the item yourself or through another source, meaning, you’ll feel that you’re getting ripped off.

Furthermore, if you’re trading in a device like an iPhone, you’ll get noticeably less money through Verizon.

Whereas on some Samsung devices the prices may only be off $80 or less.

Can You Trade-in a Phone with Scratches at Verizon?

You cannot trade in a phone to Verizon that has scratches or damage, such as water damage or screen damage.

Additionally, the phone still has to be in good working condition to qualify for the trade-in, which is why Verizon will ask questions on the condition before accepting the phone.

If the phone has a damaged battery that can’t be removed, then it’s also ineligible for trade-in.

Importantly, if you lie about the condition of your device online, you’re not eligible for the trade-in.

Additionally, you also can’t trade in a device that has not been unlocked.

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Verizon offers trade-ins for many devices, including smartwatches, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic items such as netbooks.

However, your device must be in good working condition to qualify for the trade-in, and the device must be unlocked.

You can use the money you get for the trade-in towards another device, towards your phone bill, or choose a Verizon gift card to use in the store on products.

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