Does Verizon Work in Australia? (Your Full Guide)

Are you soon going to be traveling or moving to Australia, and want to know what kind of cell phone reception you’re going to get?

Specifically, if you’re a Verizon member, the biggest question on your mind may be: does Verizon work in Australia? If you’re curious about this, keep reading to learn what I’ve found out about Verizon coverage in Australia!

Does Verizon Work in Australia In 2024?

Verizon works in Australia, as long as you’re using a phone that has CDMA and GSM capabilities. However, a GSM-only phone won’t work on the Verizon network, even though GSM is used in Australia. Also, while Verizon works in several locations within Australia, you won’t have coverage anywhere near a park or in the middle of the country in 2024.

Are you curious about where Verizon works in Australia? If so, keep reading to learn the answer, as well as other related facts and tips!

Will My Verizon Phone Work in Australia?

Your Verizon phone will work in Australia, but only in certain parts of the country, as long as you have a phone that can work on both GSM and CDMA networks. 

However, if you just have a Verizon phone that utilizes the CDMA technology, it’s not going to work in Australia and a GSM-only phone won’t work with Verizon.

Does Verizon Offer International Calling Plans for Australia?

Verizon does offer international calling plans, and if you’re traveling to Australia, the best way to avoid high fees while abroad is to sign up for Verizon TravelPass.

Furthermore, Verizon TravelPass allows you to use your phone in Australia for only $10 per day, which allows you to avoid the high roaming charges associated with international travel.

You’ll only be charged the days that you use your phone in Australia, but, even if you simply refresh the weather or a website, that will count as using your phone.

How Do You Add Verizon TravelPass to Your Account?

It’s simple to add Verizon TravelPass to your account before you even leave for your Australian trip.

For example, you can text the word “Travel” to 4004, or you can go to My Verizon and head to the Global & International Services section to begin setting up the plan for your trip.

Does Verizon Work in Melbourne Australia?

When you look at the Verizon International Travel Coverage map, it shows that Melbourne, Australia will get decent reception in most parts of the city.

Does Verizon Work in Ballarat Australia?

The International Travel Coverage map shows that Verizon will work in Ballarat, Australia and there shouldn’t be any issues with the reception inside or outside of the city.

Does Verizon Work in Sydney Australia?

Does Verizon Work in Sydney Australia?

Verizon will work in Sydney, Australia, and according to the International Travel Coverage map, there shouldn’t be any issues with coverage and reception should be quite good overall.

Does Verizon Work in Big Desert Wilderness Park Australia?

Unfortunately, your Verizon phone isn’t going to work in Big Desert Wilderness Park, and you can see on the International Travel Coverage map that the entire area doesn’t have coverage. 

Also, if you’re in this location, you may find that you have to travel well outside of the park to get reception with Verizon, so opting for another form of communication, such as a social media messaging feature, is the best option.

Does Verizon Work in Port Augusta Australia?

Verizon will work in Port Augusta, Australia, and you shouldn’t have any issues with reception or cell phone signals while staying in this location.

Does Verizon Work in Perth Australia?

The International Travel Coverage map shows that your Verizon phone should receive excellent service while traveling to Perth, Australia.

Does Verizon Work in Darwin Australia?

Your Verizon phone will work fairly well in Darwin, Australia, but if you head south towards Mary River National Park, you’ll notice that the coverage drops and you won’t get a signal.

Does Verizon Work in Brisbane Australia?

Verizon is going to work very well in Brisbane, Australia, and you shouldn’t lose a signal regardless of whether you’re inside or outside of the city.

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Verizon does work in Australia if your Verizon phone can run on both the GSM and CDMA networks, although a CDMA-only phone won’t work at all.

For example, as long as you have a CDMA and GSM device, such as a global phone, it’ll work in a majority of the biggest cities within the country including Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne.

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