Does Verizon Work in Jamaica? (All You Need To Know)

If you’re traveling to Jamaica, you want to make sure your cell phone works in that country if you live in the United States. Therefore, a lot of people wonder- does Verizon work in Jamaica?

If you’re wondering the same thing, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Verizon’s coverage in Jamaica and where you’ll have the best coverage in the country!

Does Verizon Work in Jamaica In [currentyear]?

Verizon does work in Jamaica and it’ll work in nearly every area within the country, except near the mountains or remote locations. However, to avoid the expensive roaming fees, sign up for Verizon TravelPass. There are two providers in Jamaica that your Verizon phone could get service through, with Digicel being the most common in [currentyear].

Do you want to learn more about Verizon and the best way to use your phone while in Jamaica? If so, keep reading to learn all of the important details before you go on your trip!

Will Verizon Phones Work in Jamaica?

Verizon phones will work in Jamaica regardless of whether you’re using a GSM or CDMA device.

However, your phone service will be provided by either Digicel or FLOW, with Digicel being the biggest provider in Jamaica, providing coverage throughout most of the country.

The only areas where you might find that your service is unavailable would be in the mountains, regardless of whether your Verizon phone is running through the carrier Digicel or FLOW.

Is Verizon Free in Jamaica?

Unfortunately, Verizon is not free in Jamaica and will cost you traditional roaming fees to use your device.

Is Wi-Fi Calling Free in Jamaica?

If you put your Verizon phone on airplane mode and then connect to the Wi-Fi in your hotel, you could use Wi-Fi calling for free in Jamaica, according to travelers online.

However, it’s very easy for your phone to get out of airplane mode, which would then cost you regular roaming fees, so you have to be careful if you use this method in Jamaica.

Can You Text in Jamaica with Verizon?

Can You Text in Jamaica with Verizon?

You can text in Jamaica with Verizon, but if you’re using the standard Verizon plan, a roaming charge of $1.79 per minute will apply.

However, if you’d like to avoid additional roaming fees while traveling internationally, the best option is to add and use Verizon TravelPass, which will cost you a flat rate for the days you use your phone.

Does Verizon TravelPass Work in Jamaica?

Verizon TravelPass works in Jamaica and it will only cost $10 per day, which is a lot cheaper than using traditional roaming.

Furthermore, TravelPass only charges you $10 for each day that you use your phone, which includes refreshing weather, checking email, sending a text, or using the phone.

It’s a much more economical way to keep in touch while in Jamaica, and you only have to turn on roaming or data after setting up TravelPass to begin using it.

In order to set up TravelPass, use one of the following methods:

  1. Text “Travel” to 4004 to add TravelPass to your Verizon account
  2. Call customer service to add TravelPass to your account
  3. Go to the Verizon website and add TravelPass to your account, including using the Trip Planner tool to set up the date TravelPass will activate.

Does Verizon Work in Montego Bay Jamaica?

Verizon Works in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and the coverage is excellent according to the International Travel Coverage Map, which shows the entire city covered by Verizon.

Montego Bay is known for its nightlife and entertainment, which means that there is plenty of cell phone coverage to ensure your phone will work, regardless of your location inside Montego Bay.

Does Verizon Work in Negril Jamaica?

Verizon will work in Negril, Jamaica, but you might find that the cell service in this area is unstable, especially if you travel east of the city.

Furthermore, there are several beaches in Negril, which could hinder your cell phone reception, especially the closer you get to the coast.

Does Verizon Work in Ocho Rios Jamaica?

Verizon will work very well in Ocho Rios unless you’re heading towards the mountains, which typically does not get cell phone service. Additionally, Verizon will work if you’re going to Mystic Mountain or Turtle River Falls.

Does Verizon Work at the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica?

Your Verizon phone will work at the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica, although you might find that the cell service is a little spotty in this location and you may only have 3G reception.

Does Verizon Work in Falmouth Jamaica?

If you’re traveling to the historical sites in Falmouth, you’ll be able to use your Verizon phone as you’ll get great coverage within this city.

Additionally, you’ll notice that the service is at least 4G in Falmouth, and there shouldn’t be any areas where the signal will drop, so it’s a reliable place to visit if you’re using Verizon.

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Verizon works in Jamaica, but your Verizon phone will run through either FLOW or Digicel, which are the two main providers in Jamaica. 

Additionally, you can use Verizon TravelPass, which gives you service for $10 a day that you use your device while in Jamaica, which is a great way to avoid extra fees for roaming.

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