Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay? [All You Need To Know] 

Apple Pay has made the process of making payments securely and conveniently quite easy for Apple users.

Since Walgreens (with its 8000+ stores nationwide) is one of the most frequented drugstore chains in the country, you may be wondering: does Walgreens Take Apple Pay? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Walgreens does accept payment through Apple Pay on its website, app, and in-store. However, it is not accepted for online purchases of Photo products. Customers can also use their Balance Rewards card with Apple Pay and get 3% cashback every time they use the Apple Card at Walgreens. 

So if you want to know more about using Apple Pay to make a payment at Walgreens, adding your Balance Rewards card, and getting 3% cashback, keep on reading! 

How Can You Use Apple Pay At Walgreens?

To use Apple Pay, you need to have at least an iPhone 6 (or any model above that) with the Apple Pay application already set up.  

Next, you need to have a valid credit or debit card added to your Apple Pay account. You can follow these instructions to add a card for payment. 

To use it for purchases at Walgreens, all you have to do is hold your phone near the reader at the counter for a few seconds and keep your finger pressed on the Touch ID sensor. This will authorize and complete your payment automatically. 

Can You Use Apply Pay For Online Purchases At Walgreens? 

Can You Use Apply Pay For Online Purchases At Walgreens? 

Yes, you can use Apple Pay for online purchases made through the website!

To do so, simply tap on the “Apple Pay” option when selecting the payment method at order completion. You will be asked to select the card you want to use and confirm the billing and shipping details. 

Once you have confirmed all the details, simply authorize the payment through Touch or Face ID. 

Can You Use Your Walgreens Balance Rewards Card Through Apple Pay?

Yes, Walgreens has added the option of using your Balance Rewards card during checkout while making payments through Apple Pay.  

To use this feature and get points on every eligible purchase, follow these steps at checkout: 

  • Select your Balance Rewards card and authorize it with Face ID or Touch ID 
  • Bring your phone close to the reader to apply your Balance Rewards 
  • When prompted, bring your phone close to the reader again to make the payment 

To add your Balance Rewards card to Apple Pay, simply open the Walgreens app on your phone, navigate to the Balance Rewards card, and tap on “Add to Apple Wallet.” 

Can You Get Cash Back At Walgreens With Apple Pay? 

Yes, you can get 3% Daily Cash (3% of the total bill amount will be returned to you) by using your Apple Card to pay for your purchase through Apple Pay.

There are no limits for usage, so you will get 3% of the amount back every time you use this mode of payment. 

Follow the instructions given on this website to apply for an Apple Card and add it to Apple Pay. 

To learn more, also see my post on using Samsung Pay/Google Pay at Walgreens, loading Chime Cards, and sending money transfers from Walgreens.


Walgreens does indeed accept Apple Pay as a payment method. You can use it on the website, in the Walgreens app, or in stores. However, you cannot use it to buy Photo products online. 

You can add your Walgreens Balance Rewards card to Apple Pay and get 3% Daily Cash when you use Apple Card with Apple Pay. 

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