Does Walmart Cash Two-Party Checks? 

Walmart is well known for offering a wide range of services via their in-store Money Centers across the United States from paying bills to cashing checks.

However, one service you might be wondering about is if Walmart can cash two-party checks? I’ve done plenty of research, and here’s what I found! 

Does Walmart Cash Two-Party Checks?

Walmart does cash two-party checks at all their stores with Money Centers. Simply bring the two-party check, the second payee where necessary, and a government-issued photo ID such as a passport. Additionally, Walmart has a $200 limit for two-party checks and a maximum fee of $6

Keep on reading to find out more on cashing two-party Checks at Walmart!

How To Cash A Two-Party Check At Walmart

Find your local Walmart store and head over to the customer service desk or in-store banking department. Ensure the two-party check is signed with relevant signatures that match the payees.

Walmart can determine how to cash the check by the name joining conjunction. If the names are separated by an ‘or,’ only one of the payees needs to be present and can deposit the check into an individual bank account.

When names are joined by ‘and,’ both parties will need to be present.

Additionally, the necessary payees will need to bring a valid photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license to authorize the check.

Once all this information is provided, the teller at the Walmart Money Center will be able to process your two-party check.

How Are Funds Paid By Walmart?

Payees will have the choice of whether to receive the funds from the two-party check in cash or allow a Walmart associate to load the balance onto a Walmart MoneyCard.

If you opt for a Money Card, you will be charged a $3 reload fee every time you top up via Check cashing. MoneyCards cost just $1 from any Walmart checkout lane.

Does Walmart Charge A Fee To Cash A Two-Party Check?

Yes, Walmart will cash your Two-Party Check for a maximum fee of $6; you can cash $200 per Check.

Walmart is one of the most affordable places to cash a Two-Party check, with many other retailers and grocery stores charging up to $10.

Are There Check Cashing Limitations At Walmart?

Yes, Walmart only allows customers to cash checks up to $5,000 from May to December. The limit increases to $7,500 between January and April each year. Check cashing fees start at $4 for any check valued at $1,001; the fee rises to $8 for every $5,000 or more.

You can cash a two-party check worth $200 or less for a fee of up to $6. According to Walmart, Two-Party Check cashing is available in most jurisdictions, excluding New Jersey. Walmart limits Check cashing to 3 transactions per person per day.

For more services offered at the Walmart Money Centers, also see our guides on if Walmart can cash out-of-state checks, handwritten checks, and Comdata checks.


Yes, Walmart does cash Two-Party Checks up to $200 for a $6 maximum fee. You, and the second payee, where necessary, will need to bring a government-issued photo ID. Ensure names and signatures are stated and separated by either “and/or” so the associate knows how to proceed. 

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