Does Walmart Own Tractor Supply? (Not What You Think)

Walmart, the largest retail chain in the world, has done nothing short of transforming the experience of living in rural America.

Another store that is thriving alongside Walmart is Tractor Supply. However, with both companies dominating the rural American landscape, you might be wondering if Walmart owns TSC. Here is what I found.

Does Walmart Own Tractor Supply?

Walmart does not own a Tractor Supply Company. Though Walmart and Tractor Supply overlap in some product inventory and services, they are not legally connected to one another in any way. Instead, Tractor Supply is a publicly-traded agricultural retail chain owned by public investors.

To find out more about who owns Tractor Supply Company, why some people might think Walmart owns TSC, and what similar items you might find in both stores, see all the details below!

Who Owns Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply Company changed hands a few times since it was founded in the 1930s by Charles E. Schmidt.

It was purchased first by National Industries in 1969; then in 1978, Fuqua Industries acquired it during a buyout of National Industries.

However, by 1982 Tractor Supply Company was purchased in a “management-led leveraged buyout.”

Like Walmart, and other major retailers, Tractor Supply is now a stand-alone parent company, and as the name suggests, TSC themselves have subsidiaries.

These include Petsense, LLC, a pet store retailer, and Orscheln Farm & Home, which TSC announced they would be acquired for nearly $300 million.

What Is The Connection Between Walmart And Tractor Supply?

Although there are no legal or business connections between Walmart and Tractor Supply Company, it’s easy to understand why some might think there are.

This is because TSC has been dubbed “The Walmart of Rural America” by the publication Money Show.

While TSC stores are nowhere near as large as Walmart Supercenters, they share a similar big-box/warehouse feel.

And there is likely some overlap between Walmart and TSC shoppers.

Walmart stores outnumber TSC at a rate of about three-to-one, after all.

So it should not surprise anyone that Walmart poaches some TSC customers looking for more general and less niche agriculture, garden, or livestock products.

Despite appealing to some of the most rural communities in the country, you can often find TSC stores in the same neighborhoods as Walmart Supercenters.

What Similar Items Do Walmart And Tractor Supply Sell?

What Similar Items Do Walmart And Tractor Supply Sell?

Some of the key similar items that both Walmart and Tractor Supply sell include clothing and footwear; pet supplies; lawn and garden supplies, tools and guns; and lawn supplies.

However, the main difference between these types of items is that TSC tailors their offerings more toward their target markets – farmers, people who own land, and who drive trucks.

So cleaning supplies are more likely to be sold in bulk, and clothing and footwear is geared toward hard, dirty work.

TSC sells dozens of types of work boots and hiking boots; Walmart might only carry one or two different kinds.

Are Walmart And Tractor Supply Stores Similar In Size?

Walmart stores are much, much larger than Tractor Supply stores.

Walmart Supercenters average around 180,000 square feet, while Tractor Supply stores are only about 15,500 sq. ft.

But of course, TSC can pare down their inventory and sell out of smaller stores, because they are laser-focused on their niche market.

Walmart stores sprawl because they aim to be the one-stop-shop for people from all walks of life.

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While Walmart does not own Tractor Supply Company, the two do offer similar products in some departments and may trade a few customers here and there.

However, both retailers know their target audiences, and while they may compete indirectly, they have both flourished in the last decade.

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