Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy? [All You Need To Know]

Every year, American retailer Walmart generates over $500 billion following the sale of essential household goods, electronics, home furnishing, and more!

Customers are drawn to Walmart in the hope of purchasing quality brands at prices lower than its competitors. Because of this, you may be wondering if Walmart price matches Best Buy and what the conditions are. Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy In 2021?

Yes, Walmart can price match Best Buy, which is only available online in 2021 provided the item is identical in model, size, color, brand, and quantity. Contact Walmart’s Customer Care before placing an order to make a request. Sale items, coupons, multi-buy deals, and promotional items from Best Buy will not be price matched.

Keep on reading for all you need to know on price matching at Walmart!

How Do I Price Match Best Buy At Walmart?

Firstly, head online to and then compare prices to (the Walmart price match policy only allows price matches against the website, not in-store prices).

If you have found a cheaper item on, you’ll need to contact Walmart Customer Care to make a request, and a Walmart associate will need to verify the product before amending the price.

Before making a request, ensure the matching product is identical in brand, color, size, model, and quantity. Next, check that the exact product is available on

You won’t need hard evidence of this, but it’ll save time and hassle if you check product names, numbers, and prices beforehand. Once verified, you’ll be offered the new price.

The final decision is down to the Walmart associate who has the right to refuse price match requests at any time.

Side note: Unfortunately, Walmart discontinued its in-store price matching service in 2019, making many customers furious as not everyone shops online!

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy Ads?

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy Ads?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not price match Best Buy ads that do not give a fixed price. For example, the Buy One Get One Free deal on selected Best Buy products cannot be matched at Walmart.

Other multi-buy deals include:

  • Qualify for a freebie when you spend a certain amount.
  • Buy a full-price item to reduce the price of another. advertisements that exclusively promote a single item at a fixed price may be price matched by Walmart, provided they have identical stock. Advertisements must come directly from within a valid time frame.

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy Sales?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not price match Best Buy sales. Therefore items on with percentage or dollar deductions will not be verified.

Additionally, Walmart does not permit price matches during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Cyber Week sale events.

Furthermore, Best Buy products in clearance, flash, limited quantity, or closing down sales cannot be approved.

Can Walmart Deny My Best Buy Price Match Request?

Yes, according to Walmart’s policy, Walmart reserves the right to amend or refuse price match requests at any time, particularly when appeals do not meet the criteria.

Differentiation in products will automatically cancel your request, as will insufficient or expired stock at Best Buy.

Additionally, Walmart does not match prices from third-party merchants found on Best Buy Marketplace and Walmart Marketplace. 

Will Walmart Price Match An Item I Have Already Purchased?

No, Walmart will not price match an item you have already purchased from You must contact Walmart’s Customer Care team before completing the purchase, and you cannot take an item back to be price checked.

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy Shipping Fees?

Yes, according to Walmart’s price match policy, Best Buy shipping, handling, processing, and hidden fees can be honored. However, price-matched shipping charges cannot be applied to items outside of the request.

Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart?

Yes, will price match items shipped and sold by Walmart. Therefore Best Buy will not price match Walmart Marketplace. Similarly, items must be completely identical, separate from any exclusive sale or promotion.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy?

Yes, does price match online items at Items must be identical in color, brand, model, quantity, and size at their original price.

Discount codes, coupons, multi-buy promotions, and price deducting sales cannot be verified for price match. You should make a request with Walmart’s Customer Care before placing an order.  

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