Does Walmart Recharge A/C? (Do This Instead)

As a car owner, one of the worst things is when your car air conditioner (A/C) loses that cool air that is needed in the warmer months.

Since Walmart is known for its reliable automotive service and products, you might be wondering whether or not Walmart recharges A/C. Here’s what I found!

Does Walmart Recharge A/C?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not recharge A/C at any Autocare Centers. However, customers can purchase various refrigerants needed for refilling car A/C from Walmart. These refrigerant cans cost around $20-$50+ for a 12-20 ounce can. Customers can also visit Pep Boys, Midas, and AAMCO for A/C recharging.

If you’d like to find out how you can recharge your car’s A/C at home, what A/C products Walmart sells, and alternative stores, read on!

Does Walmart Sell A/C Rechargers?

Yes, Walmart offers various A/C rechargers from brands such as AC Pro, EZ Chill, and Interdynamics which customers can find in-store by oils and fluids for vehicles.

Most available A/C recharges at Walmart come with leak sealers and a gauge for precise refilling.

As for the price, 12 fluid ounces cost a little over $20, and if you have a large vehicle, you may wish to purchase 20 ounces for $53.

Where Can I Get An A/C Car Recharged Instead?

Pep Boys is an excellent car repair location to recharge your A/C. Mechanics will quickly check your A/C and recommend necessary services.

The deluxe A/C recharge service package costs $99.99 for a skilled technician to return your car’s A/C to peak performance levels.

Alternatively, customers can pay $13.99 for the deluxe A/C recharge package with leak testing to diagnose further problems that affect refills.

Midas is another excellent place to get your A/C recharged. Take in your vehicle to let a skilled technician diagnose the problem with your air conditioner.

You can request an appointment online or by calling the number located on

You can also visit the following places to recharge your A/C:

  • The Local Guys
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Local car garages

How Much Do A/C Car Rechargers Cost?

How Much Do A/C Car Rechargers Cost?

On average, A/C rechargers cost $50-$150, depending on the model and size of your car.

Meanwhile, the usual price for leak tests before recharging an A/C usually costs $100-$150; however, chains such as Pep Boys offer a much lower price.

The highest you can expect to pay for A/C recharging is $300.

The price is also influenced by the type of A/C refrigerant best suited to your car. The estimated Ford F-150 comes to $200, whereas a Honda CV-R equates to $150.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge A/C?

Customers should allow at least an hour for professional garage locations to complete the A/C recharging service.

However, it typically takes around 45 minutes to complete if you decide to undertake the service yourself.

Experienced individuals may even be as quick as 15 minutes, provided there are no more profound issues with the car’s A/C.

Can You Recharge A/C Cars Yourself?

If you’d instead save on high costs and waiting time, you may consider recharging your car’s A/C yourself.

An authentic recharging kit is available on the market for around $40-$60. Recharge your A/C when there isn’t enough cool air, the AC only emits warm air, or the defroster isn’t working.

Ensure you are wearing protective gloves before reaching the refrigerant as it is dangerous. Find the low-pressure line port and unscrew the cap.

Attach the pressure gauge hose to the port and proceed with refilling, making sure the pressure gauge reading remains below 0.

Unless you are based in a state with a particularly hot climate, your A/C shouldn’t need recharging for at least three years unless affected by a leak.

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Walmart does not provide A/C recharging services. However, it does sell refrigerants with pressure gauges in-store and online under oils and fluids in the automotive section.

You can purchase recharging kits for home use for around $45-$60. Alternatively, head to Pep Boys, Midas, AAMCO, The Local Guys, Jiffy Lube, or your local mechanic for a professional recharging service.

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