Does Walmart Sell Newspapers? [Full Guide] 

Offering a vast collection of items, Walmart has everything that anyone could possibly need. 

However, as news has become a pivotal aspect of daily life, shaping matters of politics and economics, does Walmart sell Newspapers? Keep on reading to find out!

Does Walmart Sell Newspapers?

Yes, Walmart sells a wide range of local, state, and national newspapers in stores for around $2 each. Newspapers are available to purchase at Walmart within their usual operating hours and can typically be found towards the front of the store or next to the checkouts. 

To learn more about buying newspapers from Walmart, keep on reading!

What Newspapers Does Walmart Sell?

Depending on what state you live in and the distance between a printing press and your local Walmart will greatly affect what brands of newspapers Walmart sells.

Typically though, you can expect to find the below newspaper syndications in Walmart stores throughout the United States:

  • USA Today
  • Star Tribune
  • Newsday
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Post
  • The New York Times
  • Los Angles Times

Where Can I Find Newspapers In Walmart? 

Newspapers can be found in stores at Walmart on the newspaper rack alongside other magazines. These are usually situated somewhere near the cashiers, though this may vary from store to store. 

Walmart also sells various past newspaper compilations online, such as this paperback collection of short stories from newspaper and magazine articles.

If you are having trouble locating them, ask a Walmart employee who will be happy to help you find them. 

Do Walmart Newspapers Have Coupons? 

Yes, they do! The Sunday newspaper is carried all week at Walmart, which has a range of valid coupons available for each week.

Recently there have been concerns about coupons being taken out of the newspapers before they have been purchased, so we recommend flicking through your newspaper before checkout!

Coupons in Walmart newspapers are valid at the discretion of individual stores, and coupon policies may vary.

Before heading into your local store, you can also see our guide on whether or not Walmart sells stamps. Additionally, customers can also visit their local Walgreens store to buy newspapers.


In summary, Walmart hosts a range of newspapers and magazines covering several topics, from local news to national sport and entertainment.

Walmart also carries the Sunday paper all week, which includes in-store coupons, though availability is dependent on supply.

Most local newspapers in Walmart are priced at approximately $2. This price may vary from store to store.  Newspapers can be found in most Walmart stores during standard opening hours (8AM – 8PM), whilst more niche compilations are available online too. 

You can always contact your local store, who will be happy to confirm if a selected newspaper is available in your area. 

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