Does Walmart Sell Old Navy Gift Cards? [Answered!]

When you’re purchasing a present for someone who loves to shop, gift cards for clothing retailers are a great choice.

Old Navy possesses just a fraction of Walmart’s locations; therefore, it may be easier to look for Gift Cards there, but does Walmart sell Old Navy Gift Cards? 

Does Walmart Sell Old Navy Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell Old Navy gift cards either in-store or online. Instead, Walmart customers can purchase Visa Gift Cards that can be used to shop at Old Navy stores. If you wish to buy an Old Navy Gift Card, you can find them at CVS, Kroger, and Gap.

To learn more about alternative gift cards that Walmart sells, and more, keep on reading!

Other Clothing Gift Cards Available At Walmart

Although you cannot purchase Old Navy Gift Cards at Walmart, there are numerous other Gift Cards you can choose to buy clothes with from Walmart and other stores.

A great alternative is a Nordstrom eGift Card, where your loved ones can treat themself to a wide range of clothing and accessories.

Nordstrom products are generally more affordable than Old Navy, meaning they could get more for their money. 

Moreover, the Walmart Gift Card allows you to shop a wide range of quality clothing, including Old Navy garments found at Walmart’s Marketplace.

Lastly, Walmart also stocks Visa Gift Cards, which are also great options as they can be used to shop anywhere, including Old Navy!

Why Doesn’t Walmart Sell Old Navy Gift Cards?

Simply put, Walmart does not sell Old Navy Gift Cards (including other brands such as Home Depot, eBay, Dutch Bros, etc) as these companies are direct competitors to Walmart.

Where To Buy Old Navy Gift Cards?

If you’re specifically looking for an Old Navy Gift Card, you’ll find them at alternative retailers including, Lowes, Kroger, CVS, Amazon, Rite Aid, and Gap. 

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