Does Wayfair Deliver To Ireland? (All You Need To Know)

Whether you’re an American expat or have lived on the Emerald Isle all your life, one of the incredible comforts in life is filling your Irish home with pieces that reflect your personality.

Wayfair, with over 14 million items from 11,000 suppliers, is known to carry something for every budget and style, and they are present in the UK.

But does Wayfair deliver to Ireland? You’ve come to the right place because I’ve got the answer you seek.

Does Wayfair Deliver To Ireland In [currentyear]?

Wayfair does deliver to Ireland, having rolled out service to the Republic of Ireland in June 2022. Delivery is free for orders over €40, and that includes both small items and large. Upon shipment of the order, customers receive tracking information; for large item delivery, a representative will reach out to arrange a date/time.

To learn more about where Wayfair is based in Ireland, whether Wayfair has stopped delivering to Ireland, and what parts of Ireland to which Wayfair delivers, keep going!

Where Is Wayfair Based In Ireland?

Wayfair began operations in the Republic of Ireland in June 2022, but it already had established a presence in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK.

This is in Galway, where in 2016, Wayfair opened a new European Operation Centre, a 30,000-foot facility that accommodates 360 employees.

However, judging by an ad on the Wayfair careers page, Wayfair also operates major centers in Cork and Dublin, too.

Has Wayfair Stopped Delivering To Ireland?

Wayfair in Northern Ireland was experiencing disruptions to shipping due to Brexit.

“Hi there, Due to recent restrictions in relation to Brexit,” a tweet read, “we are temporarily unable to ship some of our products to Northern Ireland.”

However, it appears that the issues have been resolved.

Does Wayfair Deliver To Northern Ireland?

Does Wayfair Deliver To Northern Ireland?

Wayfair does deliver to Northern Ireland and has done so since it began operations in the UK. That’s because Northern Ireland is part of the UK.

For some time, shipments to Northern Ireland warranted surcharges to shipping, but in March 2019 Wayfair made an announcement.

Free delivery, Wayfair said, would be expanded to Northern Ireland and Scotland.

So as of 2019, Northern Irish customers can spend £40 and get free shipping on their order.

(If they do not meet the £40 minimum, the cost is just £4.99 for delivery.)

Does Wayfair Deliver To Southern Ireland?

As of June 2022, Wayfair is officially open for business in the Republic of Ireland.

With a network of 4,000 suppliers (less than the U.S.’s 11,000 suppliers, but still a respectable amount), customers have access to a wide array of home goods and furnishings.

While Wayfair customers cannot choose their shipping carrier, Wayfair will choose the one that best suits each item.

For small parcel delivery, chances are good that the item will travel via the Wayfair Delivery Network or WDN.

When the item is shipped, Wayfair will update you with tracking information and updated delivery date.

For large parcel delivery, Wayfair will reach out when the item is shipped to coordinate a day and time for them to bring the item.

For returns, as in the U.S., the customer pays the return postage, which can run anywhere from “6€ and 9€ for small parcel carrier services and 59€ for large parcel carrier services.”

You must include tracking with your return, and you must contact Wayfair to let them know the tracking information; otherwise, you will not receive your refund.

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Wayfair has delivered to Northern Ireland, as part of the UK, for years but only recently opened up operations to the Republic of Ireland.

In both regions, shipping is free for purchases over £40 and €40.

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