Does Zara Accept Apple Pay? (Payment Types + Other FAQs)

Apple Pay is a pretty new app that allows you to quickly pay online and in-store. It is pretty easy to use and requires only a few moments of setup, which makes it relatively popular.

However, not every business accepts Apple Pay as a valid payment. If you shop at Zara, you may want to know if this company accepts Apple Pay. To find out, keep reading!

Does Zara Accept Apple Pay in 2024?

Zara does accept Apple Pay in most locations in 2024. The company’s in-store software is set up to allow contactless payment, which means that Apple Pay is accepted. However, this store isn’t an official Apple Pay partner, which can make things a bit complicated when using Apple Pay online, but Zara still accepts this payment method regardless.

For more information on payment methods that Zara accepts, along with other proper and related facts, take a look at the rest of our article below!

What Payments Does Zara Accept?

Zara accepts many different payments, which is about what you’d expect from such a large company.

Here is a quick example of some of the payment options that Zara accepts, though this list is by no means comprehensive:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Paypal
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Gift Card
  • Apple Pay

In addition to these options, Zara locations in other countries may accept other payment options that are common in those areas.

Does Zara Accept PayPal in Stores?

If you have a PayPal card, then you can use it in Zara. However, because PayPal cards are run by Mastercard, the store does not have to accept PayPal specifically.

Instead, these cards work anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

In the end, this means you can utilize your PayPal card in most stores, as Mastercard is extremely popular.

On top of this, Zara also accepts PayPal online – and you don’t need to utilize a PayPal card for this option.

Instead, you can simply log into your PayPal account after selecting the PayPal option at checkout.

Does Zara Accept Afterpay?

Does Zara Accept Afterpay?

Currently, Zara does not accept Afterpay. This company does not accept most now pay later options. The only one the company does accept is Zip, which has a contract with Zara.

Therefore, the company is unlikely to accept any other financing service in the future due to the terms of its agreement with Zip.

Therefore, if you want to pay for your purchase later, you’ll need to utilize Zip.

Fortunately, Zip is very similar to another buy now pay later services.

As you’d probably guess, you’ll need to get approved and only have a limited amount of money you can use at the store.

Furthermore, Zip does have set payments over a six-week period. This short period is less than other services, which you’ll need to keep in mind when using it.

Unlike other programs, you aren’t given months to pay off your purchase.

Does Zara Accept Debit Cards?

Practically all Zara locations accept popular debit cards. Generally, they will accept the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • PayPal

Of course, if you live in a different country, your local stores may also accept debit cards that are popular in your area. Generally, though, all Zara stores accept the cards on the list above.

Furthermore, you can also utilize all of these debit cards online. Plus, you can also use all cards backed by one of these card companies, which tends to be the most major cards.

Does Zara Accept Cash?

Most Zara locations will accept cash unless they cannot do so for one reason or another.

Typically, all Zara stores are set up to accept cash. However, there may be some unforeseen circumstances that prevent certain stores from accepting cash for a short period.

For instance, pocket change in the USA is in short supply after the pandemic increased the use of contactless payment.

Therefore, Zara stores may have a hard time providing change for cash in locations in the USA.

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Zara accepts Apple Pay at most retail locations and is set up for contactless pay, allowing the company to accept Apple Pay.

With that said, Zara isn’t technically an Apple Pay partner. Therefore, things can get a bit complicated when you’re trying to use Apple Pay online. While the company technically accepts it, errors can occur, so make sure to have alternative payment options available. 

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