Google Fi Vs. T-Mobile Coverage (Read This Before Choosing)

Are you thinking about choosing Google Fi or T-Mobile as your wireless provider but have questions about Google Fi versus T-Mobile coverage?’

Do you want to know which is better for where you live and what the speeds are like? If so, keep reading as we dive into Google Fi versus T-Mobile coverage before you choose!

Google Fi Vs. T-Mobile Coverage In 2024

Regarding Google Fi versus T-Mobile coverage, Google Fi and T-Mobile have nearly identical coverage since Google Fi primarily uses the T-Mobile network in 2024. Google Fi runs off of US Cellular and used to use Sprint, too, before Sprint merged with T-Mobile. You can only switch between networks if you have a Google Fi phone.

Are you looking for even more details about Google Fi versus T-Mobile coverage, or have other questions you want to be answered? Well, don’t stop reading because we’ve got more to share!

Does Google Fi Have The Same Coverage As T-Mobile?

Google Fi has the same coverage as T-Mobile since it uses T-Mobile as the primary network to run its wireless service to customers.

In addition, Google Fi might even be a little better than T-Mobile overall since Google Fi utilizes US Cellular on top of T-Mobile, so coverage is going to be a little better with Google Fi.

That said, you need to have a Google Fi phone to switch between T-Mobile and US Cellular and have this more expansive coverage.

Does Google Fi Use T-Mobile Towers?

Yes, Google Fi uses T-Mobile towers, so you will have that same reliability with coverage regardless of where you are and quick performance on top of that!

Also, Google Fi uses US Cellular towers, so you’re going to have even more coverage than you would if Google Fi exclusively used T-Mobile’s towers.

Does Google Fi Have Better 4G LTE Coverage Than T-Mobile?

Does Google Fi Have Better 4G LTE Coverage Than T-Mobile?

Google Fi has almost identical 4G LTE coverage with T-Mobile since T-Mobile is the main network used by Google Fi.

However, since Google Fi can also incorporate US Cellular to provide service, there may be a slight advantage with Google Fi if you’re looking for 4G LTE coverage.

For example, US Cellular predominantly operates in midwestern states and rural areas, including Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas.

Therefore, Google Fi coverage in rural areas is great.

Does Google Fi Or T-Mobile Have Better 5G Coverage?

Google Fi and T-Mobile have identical 5G coverage since Google Fi utilizes the T-Mobile network to run its wireless service, so you’ll have access to the full T-Mobile 5G coverage map.

Further, you can see on the T-Mobile coverage map how expansive the carrier is with its 5G network, and it’s continuing to grow every year to cover more of the United States.

Is Google Fi Better Than T-Mobile?

If you have a Google Fi phone, then Google Fi’s coverage is going to be better than T-Mobile since you’ll be able to switch between T-Mobile and US Cellular using the app.

In addition, Google Fi is cheaper than T-Mobile if you’re looking at the plans they offer, but T-Mobile gives you more benefits and perks than Google Fi.

For example, T-Mobile gives you more hotspot data and offers an unlimited premium plan, with T-Mobile’s unlimited plans being a much better value overall.

However, Google Fi has great international coverage and offers free VPN for users, while T-Mobile offers perks such as free Netflix and T-Mobile Tuesday freebies.

Therefore, when it comes to Google Fi versus T-Mobile, both are great depending on what your needs are, although we give it to T-Mobile for better plans, phones, and perks.

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When you look at Google Fi versus T-Mobile coverage, you’ll see Google Fi is almost identical to T-Mobile since it runs primarily off of T-Mobile’s network but also uses US Cellular.

However, to get both carriers with Google Fi, you need a Google Fi phone, or you’re limited to T-Mobile’s coverage.

In addition, if you look at 4G LTE and 5G coverage, it’s the same for Google Fi and T-Mobile, but T-Mobile offers better plans and perks than Google Fi, so it wins overall.

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