Grubhub Privacy Policy (Can Drivers See Your Details + Other FAQs)

Grubhub allows you to order food from restaurants in your area, pay for the food, and have it delivered right to your location, but Grubhub needs some of your data to do this.

With concerns growing over how big companies handle our information, I looked into Grubhub’s privacy policy to see how the company operates!

Grubhub Privacy Policy In [currentyear]

Grubhub’s privacy policy states that it collects certain information about you, such as your location and banking details as of [currentyear]. Besides your location and financial information, Grubhub also takes personal data, like your insurance provider and social security number if you’re a driver. You can request Grubhub to delete your data collected via the website.

Read on to learn about Grubhub’s privacy policy, including what information it collects, who can see it, how the company handles it, and more!

What Information Does Grubhub Collect?

According to Grubhub’s privacy policy, the company collects information on the following from its customers:

  1. Contact and profile info, including name, physical address, email, and phone number
  2. Location
  3. Payment details
  4. Transactions
  5. Communications and participations
  6. Device and software
  7. How they access and use the service
  8. Other information, e.g., social media, photos, contact list

As for its drivers, Grubhub collects the following information:

  1. Contact details
  2. Date of birth
  3. Social security number
  4. Driver’s license number and photograph
  5. Insurance information
  6. Physical address
  7. Bank details
  8. Device and software info, including IP address, service provider, and browser
  9. Location

Can Grubhub Drivers See Your Name?

Grubhub drivers can’t see your full name. Instead, all they see is your first name and an initial, so, for example, if your name is John Doe, they’ll only see John D.

Do Grubhub Customers See Your Full Name?

Grubhub customers can’t see your full name. For example, they can only see your first name and an initial, so they’ll see Jane S. if your name is something like Jane Smith.

Does Grubhub Show Your Phone Number?

Does Grubhub Show Your Phone Number?

No, Grubhub does not show your phone number. Instead, the company uses a two-way masking system that hides your actual phone number, whether you’re the driver or a customer.

Therefore, when communicating with someone from Grubhub via calls or text, this system generates a number to hide your real one.

Does Grubhub Sell Your Information?

No, Grubhub does not sell your information, but the company says that it can’t guarantee the third parties on the platform, including payment processors and restaurants, don’t sell it.

Instead, Grubhub collects your information and uses it for the following:

  1. Providing its service, e.g., facilitating payments, showing you restaurants in your location, storing login information
  2. Maintaining safety on the platform, e.g., by detecting fraud
  3. Communications, e.g., sending you emails about your account and transactions
  4. Advertising and marketing
  5. Legal compliance
  6. Enforcing the terms of use

Can Grubhub Customers Track Drivers?

Grubhub customers can track drivers from within the app, but only after the driver has picked up the order from the restaurant.

Does Grubhub Show My Address?

Yes, Grubhub shows your address to the driver because it’s how they know where to bring your food.

If you don’t want this but still wish to use the service, you could use the curbside pickup feature to order food and get it yourself from the restaurant when it’s ready.

Does Grubhub Need My Social Security Number?

Grubhub needs the social security numbers of its drivers but not its customers.

That said, Grubhub uses your social security number to conduct a background check before approving you as a driver.

However, I found a report about Grubhub using one of its drivers’ social security numbers to pretend to be them and contacting their insurance providers to ask for more information.

In this case, Grubhub was checking their proof of insurance, and the company suspected that it might have been fraudulent, so Grubhub went around them to speak to their insurer.

What Information Can I Delete From Grubhub?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete any of your information from Grubhub without deleting your whole account and everything about it.

Also, you can submit a request for deletion to Grubhub, and the company will delete your account along with your order history, scheduled orders, loyalty points, and other details.

When you submit a deletion request to Grubhub, it will remove all accounts with the same login information as that one, including restaurants and drivers.

After you delete your Grubhub account, you will not be able to recover anything associated with it later.

Also, Grubhub gives you the option to manage your account with various functions, including requesting a copy of the information the company has collected about you and how it uses it.

This way, you can know what Grubhub knows about you and make updates as you want without deleting the account.

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Grubhub’s privacy policy states it collects information about you, including your contact details, email and physical addresses, and banking information.

For drivers, this is expanded to more personal details like their date of birth, social security number, and driver’s license information.

Additionally, Grubhub shows your address but not your full government name and phone number.

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your information from Grubhub without deleting your whole account, but you could request a copy of the information the company has on you.

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