Hacked Instacart Account (What Happened + Resolving)

Even a robust app like Instacart can fall prey to hackers. Despite its security operations, the true weakness in Instacart’s armor is this: the innately trusting nature of some humans. This is how hackers and scammers find their way in.

So, if you’re wondering if your Instacart account can get hacked, you’ll want to keep reading below to find out the answer!

Can Your Instacart Account Get Hacked In 2024?

While constituting a very small portion of all account activity, hacks and scams can happen with the Instacart app in 2024. In most cases, hackers/scammers can trick shoppers into giving them personal information needed to break into their accounts. Deactivation of the account by Instacart is common and reinstatement can be difficult to obtain.

Let’s look at what happens to accounts when they get hacked, how you can know if you were hacked, what you should do, and even how you can get your account back. See below for all the important details!

How Do Instacart Accounts Get Hacked?

Instacart had an interesting response to reports that accounts were getting hacked in 2020: Basically, it’s your fault.

Were they right?

Let’s just say some of us reuse passwords, despite knowing we shouldn’t.

Indeed, when hackers get a hold of passwords from various sites, and people have used those same ones across different platforms, it can lead to hacked Instacart accounts.

Instacart insists that its tech is secure; and for the most part, it is.

However, the company’s response was seen as rather cold and unhelpful to shoppers – who are, ultimately, the victims here.

Another hack is more of a scam, and it can feel even more violating because shoppers actually interact with the scammers before getting taken in.

In one video, a shopper was tricked into giving the scammers his phone number; then they called and pretended to be Instacart support.

They got him to give them the security code autogenerated by their login, ultimately causing his account to be hacked.

How Can You Prevent an Instacart Account Hack?

Using the examples I listed above, there are steps you can take to protect your account and yourself from hackers.

When it comes to passwords, if you’re currently using the same password for the Instacart Shopper app as you are for any other account, change to something more complicated.

If Instacart is your main source of income right now, you need to protect your money with a unique, strong password.

You have no idea who is on the other end of the app, and while we’d all like to think the best of people, it simply isn’t safe.

Therefore, do not give out your phone number, full name, or any other personal, identifying information to customers.

Scammers who want to hack into your account may send you their number and try to get you to call them, without thinking that you will be giving them your real number.

Remember that you can make calls from the Shopper app! If they need you to call them, only do it through the app.

How Do You Know If an Instacart Account Was Hacked?

How Do You Know If an Instacart Account Was Hacked? Instacart

Unfortunately, most shoppers don’t know their Instacart account was hacked until it’s too late.

They might sign in and discover all their money is gone, or that they can’t sign in at all, because their account has been deactivated.

Instacart deactivates accounts when it detects suspicious behavior, like logins from vastly different locations, or too many attempted logins.

Worst of all, some people don’t even know if their account has been deactivated, or something more sinister has taken place, when they cannot log in.

This unfortunate Redditor had their account hacked and all the associated information changed.

The hackers were able to assign the account a new phone number and new email address, essentially stealing the whole thing right out from under them.

It also gave them complete access to all of the shoppers’ money.

What Should You Do If Your Instacart Account Was Hacked?

If you believe your account was hacked, you need to get in touch with Instacart Care support immediately.

Unfortunately, due to scammers who might try to scam Instacart Care support into giving them access to an account by acting distressed, you will likely need proof to back up your story.

It’s recommended to use the live chat feature with Instacart Care in the Shopper app.

If that doesn’t get you the result you need, you will need to keep ending the conversation and opening a new one with different representatives until you get one who can help you.

In this very informative thread, the original poster (OP) finally got a number they could call to talk to a live person.

They had to get booted up to someone in security/fraud, who cited the severity of the case and gave them priority.

One promising thing the security person told OP: When someone changes the phone number or email associated with an account, it freezes the payout method.

This acts as an extra protection against fraud, so that even if you are hacked, if they swap up the contact info, they can’t get their hands on your money.

Overall, it’s important to get in touch with Instacart Care ASAP, and even better if you can speak to someone on the phone.

How Can You Get Your Instacart Account Back After a Hack?

In milder cases of hacked Instacart accounts, deactivated accounts are reactivated after the claim has been investigated.

In more severe cases, the entire account may be declared a loss.

Note that Instacart is doing the best it can, but it’s very difficult keeping up with all the hackers and scammers.

At this point, there is no surefire way to get your Instacart Shopper account reactivated or reinstated to you.

Rather, all you can do is put it in Instacart’s hands, but advocate as much as you can for yourself while talking to customer service.

To know more, you can also read our posts on how to delete Instacart account, Instacart complaints, and Instacart customer reported order missing.


As a shopper, and especially one who relies on Instacart as their main source of income, having your account hacked is incredibly distressing.

But there are ways to help protect yourself, such as not reusing passwords, and not giving out personal information to customers, like your real phone number or email address.

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