Hobby Lobby Vs Michaels (The Difference Between Them + More)

Michaels and Hobby Lobby are often mistaken to be the same company because they stock many of the same products.

However, they are two distinct retailers with many differences. Therefore, if you’d like to learn about what differentiates these companies, keep reading to see what I discovered!

Hobby Lobby Vs Michaels In [currentyear]

Hobby Lobby and Michaels are very similar because they focus on most of the same products. They get them from many of the same manufacturers so the prices are also similar. Hobby Lobby has over 900 stores in 47 states, while Michaels has over 1,200 stores in 49 states and Canada in [currentyear]. Hobby Lobby is owned by the founder’s family while Michaels is owned by a private equity company.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the differences between Hobby Lobby and Michaels, including history, ownership, and more!

What Is the Difference Between Hobby Lobby and Michaels?

Hobby Lobby and Michaels are two different companies that have no connection to one another, but most people think they’re affiliated because they both deal in arts and crafts supplies.

These companies were also formed around the same time- Hobby Lobby in 1972, and Michaels in 1973, but in different areas of the country, Oklahoma and Texas respectively.

These places are also where their headquarters are based today.

Hobby Lobby is a private company currently owned by founder David Green and has been in his control since it began operations.

Michaels has undergone several ownership changes throughout its existence as a private and publicly owned company.

Recently, it was bought by private equity firm Apollo Global from two venture capital firms, Bain Capital and Blackstone.

Hobby Lobby currently has more than 900 stores, but it’s only in the U.S., in 48 states. Currently, Hobby Lobby doesn’t have any stores in Vermont, Hawaii, D.C., or Alaska.

Michaels has more than 1,200 stores in the U.S. and Canada, and its U.S. stores are present in every state except Hawaii.

Neither of them does international shipping, including to Canada, U.S. territories like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and Guam.

Despite Michaels having stores in Canada, you cannot buy an item from the U.S. locations and have it shipped there.

Neither store accepts coupons from competitors, but they both price match items provided they aren’t discounted or marked down in any other way.

Hobby Lobby’s price matching doesn’t apply to online stores, but Michaels will match online retailers and knock an extra 10 percent off the price.

This policy also includes Hobby Lobby, meaning that it’s easy to get an item cheaper at Michaels than Hobby Lobby if both stores stock the same item at the same time.

Hobby Lobby is open between 9 am and 8 pm, and is always closed all day on Sunday.

Michaels opens its stores on Sundays, but only between 10 am and 7 pm, as opposed to the usual 9 am to 9 pm on other days including Saturday.

Hobby Lobby Vs Michaels Framing

Hobby Lobby Vs Michael’s Framing

Hobby Lobby and Michaels both provide custom framing options, but it’s difficult to compare them because how much you’re going to pay depends on the kind of frame you’re looking to get.

Both of the retailers have a team of custom framers that can frame different items, such as pictures, sports memorabilia, degrees, and more.

However, Hobby Lobby provides a 50 percent off discount on all its frames regularly, so this likely makes it the cheaper alternative.

Hobby Lobby Vs Michaels Yarn

Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry several different options for yarn that offer various choices in terms of thickness, color, and more.

There are also certain brands that are exclusive to each store that would be difficult to find anywhere else.

However, according to some knitting enthusiasts on Reddit, most of the yarn options available at both Hobby Lobby and Michaels are either acrylic or acrylic-based, so there’s little difference between them.

We looked through both retailers and the prices were also within the same range for similar options.

Hobby Lobby Vs Michaels Flowers

As stated previously, Hobby Lobby and Michaels sell nearly identical items that often come from the same manufacturers.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to have too much variation in the floral options at either store.

Assuming they have the same things in stock when you go looking, it’s going to come down to price.

If there are no coupons or discounts that set either of the stores apart, then you can find some flowers at Hobby Lobby and have Michaels match the price at a 10 percent discount.

Is Hobby Lobby or Michaels Better for Art Supplies?

Michaels and Hobby Lobby sell most of the same art supplies within the same basic price ranges, so you can go with either.

However, a lot of people who focus heavily on art get their art supplies from Michaels and save Hobby Lobby for decor items.

Does Hobby Lobby Accept Michaels Coupons?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t accept coupons from Michaels or any other retailer for that matter.

Michaels also stopped accepting coupons from other stores, including Hobby Lobby.

Why Is Michaels Open and Not Hobby Lobby?

If Michaels is open, and Hobby Lobby is closed, it’s probably because the owners of the latter have directed that its employees get a day off every Sunday for “worship and family.”

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Michaels and Hobby Lobby do not differ much from consumers because they sell several similar items with little differences in price. Neither of them takes coupons from other stores. Michaels has more than 1,200 stores in 49 U.S. states and Canada, whereas Hobby Lobby only has about 930 stores in 47 states.

Michaels was recently bought by a private equity firm, another instance of company ownership changing hands, while Hobby Lobby is owned by the family of the founder as it has been since it began operations.

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