Home Depot Firing & Termination Policy (All You Need To Know)

Home Depot can be a great place to work for DIY and home improvement enthusiasts, mainly because of all the rewards and incentives Home Depot offers to employees.

However, if you’re a current employee or applying for a role at Home Depot, you may also want to know about Home Depot’s firing and termination policy. Don’t worry; here is everything I’ve found out!

Home Depot Firing Policy

Home Depot has a series of disciplinary warnings called occurrences which it uses to monitor employees. After 3 occurrences, employees may need to see HR for coaching, whereas 6 occurrences will get them fired. Those who violate employee policies (like the drug-free policy) may be terminated immediately.

If you want to learn more about how to check your accumulated occurrences, whether you can be rehired after being fired from Home Depot, and much more, keep on reading!

What Are Occurrences At Home Depot?

Occurrences are part of the disciplinary system operating for employees at Home Depot.

Employees will receive occurrences for issues such as unauthorized absences or lateness at Home Depot.

You can have three occurrences at Home Depot before you will be reported to the human resources department, which will take further action.

These actions may include completing ‘coaching’ at Home Depot, which will be erased from your record after successful completion with no more occurrences after six months.

Note that if you are in the coaching program at Home Depot and receive another occurrence or have a similar issue, you will be given a final warning.

After this final warning, another occurrence can result in termination at Home Depot.

How Can I Check My Occurrences At Home Depot?

It is possible for Home Depot employees to check how many occurrences or absences they have had by logging into their employee accounts on the Home Depot website.

Other than that, it can also be found by asking your Home Depot supervisor or manager.

Can Home Depot Fire Me For No Reason?

Home Depot is an equal opportunity employer, which means it does not discriminate against employees for factors such as race, color, age, sex, or religion, among other factors.

Because of this, Home Depot cannot fire you based on any of these reasons, as it will directly violate the Equal Employment Act.

When you have been fired from Home Depot, the company must give a legitimate reason for your termination that cannot be based on any of these factors.

Can I Get Rehired After Being Fired At Home Depot?

Can I Get Rehired After Being Fired At Home Depot?

If Home Depot has terminated you, it is possible to be rehired at a later period.

Depending on what you were fired from Home Depot for, you can be rehired by the company after a six-month waiting period.

Keep in mind that if you were fired from Home Depot for more serious infractions such as drug use on-site or theft, it is likely that you will not be eligible to be rehired at Home Depot.

Can Home Depot Fire Me For Being Late?

You will not be fired immediately for being late to work at Home Depot, but you will receive an occurrence.

Additionally, you will also receive an occurrence for not clocking in or clocking out when you should, which again can lead to serious consequences such as being fired.

Can Home Depot Fire Me For Being Sick?

The official policy of Home Depot states that if you call out of work sick without sick time, you will be given an occurrence.

However, if you are sick for multiple days, Home Depot is lenient and will only allocate one occurrence for the period you were off sick.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Fired From Home Depot?

There are procedures in place for employees who have been fired from Home Depot.

For instance, your final payment will be given to your work location on the next payday for you to collect.

Additionally, salaried employees can have their manager or HR manager settle the balance of their holiday accruement.

If you require more information on what to do after you have been fired from Home Depot, you can contact the Home Depot HR Service Centre at 1-866-myTHDHR (1-866-698-4347).

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Home Depot can be a great company to work for with several employee bonuses and incentives. The retailer has a clear disciplinary process to ensure Home Depot employees follow the rules.

You may be fired from Home Depot if you have received 6 occurrences, or if you have committed a serious offense while at work. Depending on the reasoning for your termination from Home Depot, you may be eligible to be rehired after 6 months.

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