Home Depot Slogan (What Is It, History & Meaning + More)

Home Depot is known for providing a variety of home and business improvement products and services for its customers. As well as its iconic orange logo, Home Depot uses its slogan to represent its brand.

Visitors to Home Depot may be wondering what the Home Depot slogan is, what it means, and how long Home Depot has been using it. I’ve done the research, and here is what I have learned about the Home Depot slogan!

Home Depot Slogan

The Home Depot slogan is ‘How Doers Get More Done,’ representing their large range of products and services that help customers complete their DIY projects. Other slogans Home Depot have used in the past are ‘Where Low Prices are Just the Beginning’ and ‘First in Home Improvement.’

For more information about the Home Depot slogan, including what the slogan used to be, when Home Depot changed its slogan, and more, then keep reading!

What Does the Home Depot Slogan Mean?

The Home Depot slogan of ‘How Doers Get More Done’ represents the products and services the hardware retailer sells to aid home and business improvement.

Home Depot is the largest hardware retailer in the world and uses its slogan for advertising this.

The idea of Home Depot helping their customers in their home and business improvement projects is reflected in their slogan.

Home Depot has stated the slogan aims to reflect the seamless shopping experience Home Depot aims to give their customers both in-store and online.

Why Did Home Depot Change Its Slogan?

Home Depot changed its slogan to ‘How Doers Get More Done’ in 2019.

The new Home Depot slogan is a result of a new marketing campaign that aims to transform the Home Depot shopping experience.

Home Depot states their shoppers like to ‘get their hands dirty, test new skills and build stuff,’ which is why their slogan aims to showcase how Home Depot will help them achieve their goals.

Home Depot changed its slogan to evolve to meet the needs of its customers, which involves creating a convenient and simple shopping experience in stores and online.

To help ‘doers get more done’, Home Depot cites their services of digital technology, leading delivery options, and growing tool and truck rental.

What Was Home Depot’s Slogan?

Home Depot changed its slogan from ‘More Saving. More Doing’ to ‘How Doers Get More Done’ in 2019.

Home Depot had been using the slogan ‘More Saving. More Doing’ since 2009, indicating their commitment to providing low-cost, quality products to customers.

What was the First Home Depot Slogan?

What was the First Home Depot Slogan?

Home Depot has used many slogans since its beginning in 1978, started by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank.

The first recorded Home Depot slogan was ‘Where low prices are just the beginning’, which was used from 1993-2001.

What Slogans Have Home Depot Used?

Home Depot has used several slogans over the years. The most recent slogan is ‘How Doers Get More Done’, which was introduced in 2019.

The first reported Home Depot slogan was ‘Where Low Prices are Just the Beginning’, which was first used in 1993.

After this, Home Depot used ‘First in Home Improvement’, which was introduced in 2001. Following this, Home Depot used the phrase ‘You Can Do It. We Can Help’, which began in 2003.

In 2005, Home Depot faced issues with its slogan ‘The Lowest Prices, Guaranteed’ after The Better Business Bureau complained that the slogan was misleading.

Home Depot was not constantly checking to ensure their prices were, in fact, lower than competitors, and thus agreed to change their slogan.

In 2009, they introduced the slogan ‘More Saving. More Doing’, which Home Depot used for over 10 years.

What is the Home Depot Logo?

The Home Depot logo features the iconic dual-color palette of orange and white with the name of the hardware retailer inside an orange square.

Previously, Home Depot has used the slogan ‘More Saving. More Doing’ with their logo. Home Depot does not appear to be using its new slogan, ‘How Doers Get More Done,’ in conjunction with its logo.

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Home Depot has had a range of slogans since the retailer’s inception, changing to their current slogan of ‘How Doers Get More Done’ in 2019.

The Home Depot slogan directly references the hardware stores’ aim to support their customers in their home and business improvement projects, through a range of products and services in-store and online.

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