Home Depot Tool Technician (Duties, Pay + More)

Do you like working with power tools and outdoor equipment and have a background in tool repair? If so, did you know you could work at Home Depot as a tool technician?

However, if you’re unfamiliar with this position, you may wish to learn more about it, including job duties and responsibilities. If so, keep reading to see what I learned!

What is a Home Depot Tool Technician In [currentyear]?

A Home Depot tool technician will be evaluating and repairing handheld tools, small engines, and outdoor power equipment as of [currentyear]. They will be working in-store, at repair centers, and the Tool Rental Centers. Tool techs will need to ensure repairs have been completed for customers and test the repairs before the job is marked as complete.

Do you want to know more about the Home Depot tool technician job, such as what it pays and whether it’s a good job to have at Home Depot? If so, Keep reading for more facts and tips!

What Does a Tool Tech Do at Home Depot?

A tool tech at Home Depot repairs small engines, handheld tools, and electrical devices, and will be repairing outdoor power tools and equipment.

Additionally, tool technicians at Home Depot will work in-store, in the Tool Rental Center, and the repair centers. Other job duties of a tool tech at Home Depot include:

  • Make recommendations for equipment
  • Ensure all equipment is maintained
  • Provide customer service in-store and in the Tool Rental department
  • Write out invoices and customer contracts for repairs and rental
  • Ensure tools operate properly before handing them to the customer
  • Demonstrate to customers how to use tools if they don’t know
  • Maintaining the tools within the Tool Rental department and ensuring all tools are in proper working condition, free of damage and defects, and cleaning tools as needed
  • Outside of the in-store locations, ensure all tools are repaired and then tested for quality
  • Clean the tools before returning them to the stores
  • Outside of the in-store locations, repair tools in the inventory as needed and maintain them
  • Other job tasks assigned by management

How Much Does a Tool Tech Make at Home Depot?

At Home Depot, you can expect to make $18 an hour as a tool technician, although the pay can range between $15 and $22 an hour depending on your experience, education, and your location.

What are the Job Requirements of a Tool Tech at Home Depot?

What are the Job Requirements of a Tool Tech at Home Depot?

Job requirements for a tool technician at Home Depot include being over the age of 18 and having a high school diploma or GED.

Additionally, tool technicians will need to have extensive knowledge of tools and how to properly repair them.

How Do You Apply for a Home Depot Tool Technician Job?

You can easily apply for the Home Depot tool technician job by heading to the Home Depot Careers online portal, and enter your location with a radius to search for jobs.

To begin the process, you can search for ‘tool technicians’ through the website and then click on the apply button at the top of the tool technician job page.

Note that you’ll have to set up a profile and enter your contact information, as well as complete the application online to be considered for this position.

Is Home Depot Tool Technician a Hard Job?

The tool technician position at Home Depot isn’t a terribly difficult job, as long as you have detailed knowledge on tools and equipment.

However, the job could be difficult for some people, since you have to travel between the store and repair center on occasion, and there also might be overnight travel involved.

Therefore, if you’re not comfortable with traveling between locations, this might be a more difficult job for you.

Is Home Depot Tool Technician a Good Job?

The Home Depot tool technician job appears to be a bad job, according to the reviews from employees online.

The biggest issue with the job appears to be bad management,as those in charge don’t work with tool techs to provide them with everything they need to be successful.

As well, the management is horrible at communicating with the tool technicians and expects a lot from them for the pay that is offered for the job.

Employees have also complained about dealing with irate customers and the fact that the rude customers make the job more complicated.

However, if you work in-store and have good management and co-workers, the job isn’t too bad, although there are more part-time employees and some that aren’t qualified for the job.

The reviews from the employees indicate that the position isn’t ideal because you have to work nearly every weekend, and the shortage of employees per store doesn’t help the situation.

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A Home Depot tool technician is responsible for repairing small handheld tools, outdoor power equipment, and small engines.

Tool technicians will provide customer service both in-store and at the Tool Rental department, where they will write up invoices and contracts, and repair tools customers bring into the store.

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