How Do I Check-In For My American Airlines Flight? (All You Need To Know)

Taking a flight across the world can be exciting. You’ve packed all your bags, but there’s more on the list. Checking in to a flight is part of that list.

But don’t fret! If you’re on a flight with American Airlines and want to know how to check-in, keep reading. I reveal the answer to that and more!

How Do I Check-In For My American Airlines Flight In 2024?

American Airlines allows customers to check in to their flight using the American Airlines app or online in 2024. Customers can also check-in via the front desk. However, there are many advantages to checking in online, such as skipping the lines. If special accommodations are needed for a customer, they may need to check-in at the front desk.

You must be wondering, how does the check-in process work? I answer all the questions regarding check-ins to make sure customers are well informed — so keep reading!

What Information Do You Need To Check In For A Flight Online?

To check-in for a flight online, customers will need their confirmation number and passenger details.

Can You Check Into Your Flight On The American Airlines App?

If the following conditions are met, customers can check-in using the American Airlines app:

  • Customers must be logged in to the American Airlines app OR
  • Customers must know the name and six-character record locator of the passenger

How Do I Pull Up My American Airlines Boarding Pass?

Fortunately, bringing up your American Airlines boarding pass is simple. That said, follow these steps to do so:

  • Customers need to check in on on their mobile device and select “Email With Mobile Option”
  • Customers can check in on the American Airlines app, and a mobile boarding pass will be saved to their mobile device
  • Customers need to check their email and follow the link to get their boarding pass
  • The next step is to save this boarding pass to their mobile device
  • The entirety of the barcode must be visible when customers go through the security checkpoint

Can I Check-In Online With American Airlines?

Can I Check-In Online With American Airlines?

Absolutely! Customers can check-in for their American Airlines flight between 45 minutes (90 minutes for international flights) and 24 hours.

For checking in bags, customers must be at the designated location 45 minutes before flight departure.

How Do I Check-In For My Flight On The American Airlines App?

Customers are advised to sign up for an American Airlines rewards account, as it is beneficial for collecting AAdvantage Reward Miles.

Further, to check in on the American Airlines app, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the American Airlines app
  • The check-in feature will need to be activated
  • Click the “check-in” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Select seating or tap “Skip Seats” if you didn’t pay for priority seating
  • Tap “Boarding Pass” at the bottom of the screen

Also, customers should add their boarding pass to a digital wallet such as Apple Wallet — this option should be on the interface now.

Why Can’t I Check-In For My Flight Online?

There are many reasons customers may be facing this unfortunate setback, including:

  • American Airlines does not have your passport on file yet
  • Large group travel (a lot of people under one booking)
  • The first flight on the itinerary is under a partner airlines
  • Request for special assistance (e.g., a child traveling alone, wheelchair)
  • A random selection for additional screening

Is It Better To Check In Online Or At The Airport?

Definitely! Customers can skip a couple of lines by checking in online. First, there’s the check-in line, and then you’ve got the luggage check line.

If that sounds great, check-in online and make a dash straight to security!

Do I Need To Go To The Counter If I Checked In Online?

Fortunately not, but with one condition. With that, if no luggage needs to be checked, customers can skip over to the security checkpoint.

After this, customers can go to their gate and board their flight.

How Do I Add My TSA PreCheck Number To American Airlines?

Adding a PreCheck ticket on American Airlines is easy. For example, customers can simply log in to their AAdvantage profile and click on “Your Account.”

From here, the customer will need to navigate to “Information and Password” and add the PreCheck number to the “Known Traveler Number” box.

What Is The American Airlines Check-In Phone Number?

For the US, you can contact American Eagle at (800)-433-7300.

American Airlines Check-In Baggage

Customers can check-in up to ten bags if the flight is operated by American Airlines and is domestic, transatlantic, or transpacific.

Also, if customers are traveling through the following regions on an American Airlines flight, they can check up to five bags:

  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Brazil

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Checking in for a flight on American Airlines is a quick and easy process, and customers can check in at the front counter.

Also, American Airlines allows online check-in as a more practical option. For more domestic flights, you can check up to ten bags for free and five bags further out flights out.

Moreover, customers should ensure no special accommodations are needed before checking in online, as this option may be unavailable.

Lastly, checking in online lets customers skip the lineups and board their flight painlessly.

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