How Do You Call in Sick at USPS? (Phone, Online, Getting Fired, How Many Times + More)

While the mail must go through regardless of snow, rain, heat, or the gloom of the night, there are plenty of times when USPS workers aren’t feeling well and need to call in sick.

In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about calling in sick at USPS. That includes information about how to call in sick, how many days you can do it, and whether you can get fired for it.

How Do You Call in Sick at USPS?

USPS employees can call in sick using the Enterprise Leave Request Application on the USPS’ online LiteBlue portal in 2024. It’s also possible to report a sick day by calling the Human Resources Shared Service Center at 877-477-3273. Full-time employees earn 104 hours (13 days) of sick leave per year. Note that employees aren’t usually fired for calling in sick.

Please keep reading this article to learn the ins and outs of calling in sick at USPS, along with other useful and related facts!

How Do I Call in Sick On LiteBlue at USPS?

Both bargaining unit employees and non-bargaining unit employees can use the Enterprise Leave Request Application (eLRA) on the LiteBlue portal to request unscheduled sick leave.

LiteBlue is accessible from computers, smartphones, and any other mobile device.

Employees will need their employee identification number and password to log into LiteBlue.

Once logged in, they should select the eLRA icon in the Employee Apps – Quick Links section and follow the on-screen instructions.

After filling out the application, the information is transmitted to the employee’s manager. This provides both the employee and the manager with a record of the request.

Are There Other Ways to Call in Sick at USPS?

In addition to the eLRA on the LiteBlue portal, USPS employees can also call in sick by phoning the Human Resources Shared Service Center (HRSSC).

They can be reached at 877-477-3273. Select option 4 when prompted. This center is staffed from 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM Eastern time.

When calling, you should have your employee identification number ready. You will also be asked to name the type of illness you have and the amount of time you expect to take off.

It’s also worth noting that you can use the phone’s numerical keypad to key in responses if you’re unable to speak.

After completing these steps, you’ll receive a confirmation number (write this down as you may need it at a later date).

How Many Days Can You Call in Sick USPS?

How Many Days Can You Call in Sick USPS?

How many sick days you have at USPS depends on which type of employee you are.

Below is a table of the different categories of employees and the number of sick days they receive per year.

Type of employee Number of sick days
Full-time 104 hours or 13 days per year
Non-executive or non-bargaining full-time employees 78 hours or 9.75 days per year
Part-time employees 104 hours or 13 days per year
Non-executive or non-bargaining part-time employees 78 hours or 9.75 days per year

Although these are the sick day guidelines stipulated by FedEx, they are not set in stone.

For instance, it’s possible to request additional sick days depending on your personal circumstances.

What’s more, you can use your annual leave (i.e. vacation time) or take leave without pay if you run out of sick days.

Do You Need a Doctor’s Note to Call in Sick at USPS?

For periods of 3 days or less, managers and supervisors will generally accept an employee’s statement about being sick.

In other words, they will not require a doctor’s note or any other documentation to prove that the employee was actually sick.

However, for absences lasting more than 3 days, employees are required to submit medical documentation (e.g. doctor’s note, medical records) showing their incapacity for work.

Can USPS Fire You for Calling in Sick?

In general, USPS doesn’t fire employees for calling in sick.

Not only do USPS employees have quite a few sick days to use per year, but many benefit from union protections when it comes to matters like keeping their job.

That being said, unscheduled absences may be used as the basis for disciplinary action, but it would need to be progressive.

In other words, an employee frequently calling in sick would first talk to a manager about their absences, then they might get a letter of warning.

Afterward, they might be suspended and possibly terminated if things didn’t improve.

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Getting sick happens to the best of us, which is why it’s so important to know about USPS’ policies regarding sick days ahead of time. Luckily, if you’re a USPS employee, you benefit from generous sick leave and an easy call-in process.

What’s more, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be fired for calling in sick, even if you need to take a lot of days off. So, if you’re a USPS employee, take the time you need to rest and recuperate.

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