How Do You Check a Samsung Warranty? (Full Guide)

When buying high-quality electronics from well-known companies like Samsung, you’ll no doubt want to make sure you get a warranty because replacing them can be expensive.

That being said, checking your warranty on products can certainly be a hassle, so this article will assist you in learning how you can check the warranty on your Samsung devices, so keep reading!

How Do You Check a Samsung Warranty in 2024?

Checking the warranty on your Samsung devices is probably more simple than you would think in 2024. In fact, you can even do it online by signing in to your Samsung account on any of your devices such as your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, and following the directions that will pop up on the screen.

Keep reading if you would like to learn more about how you can check the warranty on your Samsung products, and much more!

There are just a few steps you need to take in order to check the status of your Samsung device warranty.

Indeed, all you need is the serial number of your Samsung device, which you can find under the battery compartment or on the device box of your product.

Further, if you need the serial for your mobile phone, just go on your phone, click on the ‘phone’ app, and dial *# 06 #.

Once you have your serial number, you can start the process of checking your warranty on any of the company’s products.

The next step you will need to take is to go onto the Samsung website and click on the ‘product information’ link.

Next, sign in to your Samsung account.

Afterward, the website will show the warranty status of all registered products under your account.

When Will Your Product Warranty Be Invalid?

When Will Your Product Warranty Be Invalid? Samsung

According to Samsung’s website, the product warranty on your Samsung devices will be invalid if one of the following situations apply to you:

  • For the repair of a domestic product used in a commercial environment
  • For repair due to incorrect installation in your home
  • For repair to any product where the serial number has been removed
  • Where any ancillary equipment isn’t furnished or recommended by Samsung causes problems or damage that is attached to or used in connection with the product

Can You Check Your Samsung Warranty Online?

As mentioned previously, it’s entirely possible to check your warranty for your Samsung products online.

In fact, it’s probably the most convenient way that you can get the information that you are looking for.

Listed below is a list of steps that you can take in order to check the warranty on your Samsung products:

  1. On your computer, smartphone, or tablet, open a web browser and go to this website:
  2. If you already have a Samsung account registered, click ‘Sign In,’ otherwise you will need to click on ‘Create an Account.
  3. Once you’re signed in to your Samsung account, click on ‘My Products List.’ From there you will be able to see your Samsung devices listed. If you can’t see your devices, register them by clicking ‘Register My Product’.
  4. Next, enter your Samsung device’s IMEI or serial number into the provided text field.
  5. Next, click on ‘Warranty Information’ under the product’s name. A menu will then pop up and let you know whether your product’s warranty is valid.
  6. If you need to request support or book an appointment to get your device checked, you can do so by clicking on ‘Request for Support’ or ‘Book an Appointment’. You can even extend the product’s warranty by clicking on ‘Register Warranty Pack’ directly from this webpage.

How Can You Claim Warranty on a Samsung Product?

Regardless of what item you have purchased from Samsung, whether it be a TV, smartphone, camera, or household appliances, they all come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

First, determine whether you are eligible for a warranty claim, once you have done that you can contact Samsung’s warranty service center.

You will want to be sure that you clarify your circumstances or major failures of Samsung electronics.

You will, of course, be expected to bring or mail your devices to one of the company’s service facilities, or have a technician come to your home or place of business.

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You can easily check the warranty on your Samsung devices by logging into your account online using one of your internet-accessible devices such as your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You will need to have the product’s serial number, to get started, and then just follow the instructions on your device’s screen.

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