Does Samsung Have FaceTime? (All You Need to Know)

FaceTime is one of the most popular ways that iOS users have everyday regular conversations, enabling them to see the faces of their loved ones from a distance.

However, if you have a Samsung phone and want the ability to use FaceTime, you may wonder if there’s a way you can. If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does Samsung Have FaceTime in [currentyear]?

Samsung does not have FaceTime because the feature is exclusive to Apple’s iOS devices in [currentyear]. However, it’s now possible to join a FaceTime call using a Samsung following a recent update introduced in iOS 15 in 2021. It works mostly the same way as FaceTime, but it has to be initiated by someone on an Apple device.

To learn everything you need to know about FaceTime on Samsung, including how to do it, alternatives and more, keep reading!

Is There a FaceTime App for Samsung?

Unfortunately, there is no FaceTime app for Samsung.

Rather, FaceTime is only available to download via the Apple App Store, which means it’s restricted to the company’s devices and won’t work on Android.

How Do I FaceTime on Samsung?

To FaceTime on Samsung you’d need to be invited to a call from someone on a qualifying Apple device running at least iOS 15, iPadOS 15, or macOS 12 Monterey.

To invite someone for this purpose, follow these steps:

  1. Open the FaceTime app
  2. Click the button marked “Create link”
  3. Share the link that comes up through your preferred method

When you create and share the link, you can use it for calls in the future because it doesn’t expire.

You can share it via text or other social media app as a DM, but you have more options beyond these because you can also copy and send it out to wherever you want.

To join a call using the link, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link and wait for it to open in the browser
  2. Enter the name you want to use for the call and hit “Continue”
  3. Click on “Join” then wait for the person that invited you to accept the request and let you in

When you join the call, you can control whether you want to have your mic or front camera on, like you would in a regular FaceTime call.

Because of Apple’s cross-platform functionality, the person that originally created the call can access it from different devices if they’re signed in to the same account.

Why Can’t a Samsung Phone Initiate a FaceTime Call?

Why Can't a Samsung Phone Initiate a FaceTime Call?

A Samsung phone can’t FaceTime an iPhone because Apple is keeping the feature exclusive to its devices in order to make them more appealing.

This is in line with other Apple-only services like iCloud and iMessage that are intended to strengthen the brand’s ecosystem.

Apple’s new update that allows users to share invite links for FaceTime calls seems to have been motivated by a desire to capitalize on the recent rise in demand for video calling services.

It puts it in a better position to compete with services like Zoom and Skype, but with a restriction that allows it to retain the sense of exclusivity it’s built up over the years.

What Is the Android Version of FaceTime?

On Android, some of the apps that are similar to FaceTime include:

  1. Google Meet
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Telegram
  4. Skype
  5. Zoom
  6. Signal
  7. Facebook Messenger
  8. Snapchat
  9. Viber

If you try to find an app named “FaceTime’ for Android, you might actually find some. However, we recommend staying away from these because many of them are malware.

Rather, try sticking to one of the above options because they’re verified and some, like WhatsApp, already have billions of regular users.

Google Meet is one of the easiest to adopt because it comes preinstalled on most Google devices and allows you to use it via your Google Account.

WhatsApp is also popular because it uses your phone number for texts, voice and video calls, and it lets you know which of your contacts also has an account.

Can a Samsung Video Call an iPhone?

A Samsung can video call an iPhone, provided it goes through a service that’s also available on the other device.

For example, if you choose to video call an iPhone via WhatsApp, the person you’re calling should also have Whatsapp installed.

Apple keeps many of its services exclusive, but this is rarely the case with Google and Android; if something is popular on the platform, it’s likely also available on the App Store.

This means that all the options in the list above are also available to download for Apple devices, and can be used with similar functionality across platforms.

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Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t have FaceTime, but you can join a call initiated by someone who does if they share a link to it. This feature is available with Apple devices running at least iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS 12.

Some popular FaceTime alternatives on Android include Google Meet, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, and Zoom.

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