How Many Planes Does FedEx Have? (All You Need to Know)

Services like International First and International Priority can transport a package from the United States to Asia in as little as two days. Speeds like these are made possible thanks to FedEx’s advanced logistics and a massive fleet of airplanes.

Well, in this article, you’ll get the answers to all of your questions about how many planes FedEx has, which types, and more, so keep reading!

How Many Planes Does FedEx Have in 2024?

FedEx’s fleet consists of more than 650 planes in 2024. FedEx is the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A300, the ATR 42, the Cessna 208, and the McDonnell Douglas MD-10. It also holds the record for the most Boeing 777s in active deployment, with 51 planes operating and plans for two more in the future.

There is much more to know about FedEx’s fleet of planes, so I hope you read this article to the end to gain more useful knowledge!

Does FedEx Use Company Planes?

FedEx uses its own planes almost exclusively for transporting packages worldwide, which operate under the company’s airline FedEx Express.

That being said, FedEx does use a lot of other airlines for local transportation.

These planes are called FedEx Feeder airlines and include companies like Morningstar Air Express, Westair, and Wiggins Airways.

Currently, FedEx’s fleet is made up of more than 650 planes.

Which Planes Does FedEx Fly?

FedEx is the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A300, the ATR 42, the Cessna 208, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10/MD-10, and the MD-11.

In addition to these popular models, FedEx also has a number of Boeing 757-200s, Boeing 767-300s, and Boeing 777Fs.

How Many 747s Does FedEx Have?

Currently, FedEx does not have any active 747s in its fleet. In the past, the company fleet had six 747s, but all have been retired.

How Many 757s Does FedEx Have?

How Many 757s Does FedEx Have?

FedEx operates 119 Boeing 757s. One hundred and fifteen of these planes are in service, while four are parked.

Although FedEx doesn’t release detailed information about why certain planes are parked, it’s safe to assume that this is due to age.

Indeed, the average age of the 757s in FedEx’s fleet is 29 years. These planes are likely down for maintenance and/or upgrades.

Does FedEx Have 777s?

FedEx currently owns and operates 51 Boeing 777 planes and has plans to add two more in the future.

Interestingly, this number represents the largest number of deployed 777s of any US-based express cargo carrier. 

Boeing 777s have been in service since 2009 and are coveted in the logistics industry thanks to the blend of performance and efficiency they offer.

With a payload capacity of 112 tons (102 metric tons) and a flight range of 4,900 miles (9,070 kilometers), the 777 is the largest and longest-range twin-engine freighter available today.

Indeed, the 777’s flight range is 900 nautical miles more than the closest competitor, the MD-11.

Both the payload capacity and flight range of the 777 make major world markets closer than ever before. In some cases, a 777 can reduce transit times by as much as a full day.

As an example, FedEx International Priority now delivers documents and packages from the US, Canada, and select Latin American markets to Seoul, South Korea in 2 to 3 business days.

FedEx’s 777 Direct Lanes include the following:

  • Shanghai > Memphis > Narita > Shanghai
  • Hong Kong > Memphis > Incheon > Hong Kong
  • Singapore > Osaka > Memphis> Osaka > Singapore
  • Hong Kong > Paris > Hong Kong
  • Shenzhen > Memphis > Anchorage > Narita > Incheon > Shenzhen
  • Memphis-Dubai-Delhi-Paris-Memphis

Not only does the 777 perform well, but it also represents the next step in FedEx’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

This aircraft contributes to FedEx’s environmental goals in 3 main ways:

  1. It has a 24% better fuel economy per pound of revenue payload than the 747, thanks to its advanced wing design, more efficient engine, and lighter structure.
  2. It produces 18% fewer emissions than the MD-11, in large part because of the improved fuel economy.
  3. Advanced noise reduction on landings and takeoffs for maximum accessibility to noise-sensitive airports.

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With more than 650 planes in active deployment, FedEx has the largest cargo fleet of any US-based company. In addition, it holds the record for the most number of Boeing 777s, with 51 planes.

Additionally, FedEx also operates the most Airbus A300s, ATR 42s, and McDonnell Douglas MD-10s of any company in the world.

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