How Much Do American Airlines’ Pilots Make? (Pilot Positions + Pay Scales)

Well-trained pilots are essential to the success of an airline. American Airlines makes sure its pilots are taken care of, so passengers can fly safely.

Keep reading if you want to know how much a pilot flying with American Airlines is paid. I will tell you the answer to this question and more!

How Much Do American Airlines’ Pilots Make In 2024?

American Airlines pays its pilots based on various factors, including the number of flight hours, the pilot’s experience, and the size of the aircraft as of 2024. Pilots who have experience flying certain aircraft models are offered a higher signing bonus. American Airlines has a graduating pay scale — pilots earn more the longer they stay with the company.

American Airlines pays its pilots differently based on their level of experience and position. To learn more, keep reading!

How Much Does American Airlines Pay Its Pilots?

A pilot employed by American Airlines is paid depending on many different factors.

For example, one of those factors includes the experience of the pilot. So, an entry-level pilot will make less than a first officer or a captain.

Still, other factors include total flight hours and aircraft type. Generally, pilots who fly on a schedule will receive more hours, and pilots who fly larger aircrafts will earn a premium.

Moreover, the average American Airlines pilot in the United States earns approximately 4,000 per year.

Further, amongst the lowest reported salaries is a yearly amount of $27,000, and the highest is around $352,000.

How Much Does An American Airlines 777 Pilot Make?

It is not uncommon for pilots to work up to 1,000 hours per year. For a more conservative estimate, 900 hours per year will be used in the following calculation.

Therefore, an American Airlines captain will make about $293 per hour; based on 900 flight hours per year, this amounts to $264,000.

How Much Do American Airlines Captains Make?

An American Airlines captain, on average, makes about 4,000 per year. However, the captain’s salaries range from $133,000 to $401,000.

American Airlines Entry-Level Pilot Salary

American Airlines Entry-Level Pilot Salary

It is typical for pilots starting their careers to earn around minimum wage. Typically, American Airlines will pay entry-level pilots around $27,000 a year.

Also, entry-level pilots are responsible for managing routes, completing inspections on aircraft, communicating with other staff, and completing inspection records.

American Airlines Pilot Salary First Officer

The first officer on a flight is the second pilot. That said, this officer is the second-in-command to the captain, who is legally the commander.

If the captain is incapacitated, the first officer will gain control of the aircraft.

Moreover, an American Airlines first officer pilot’s salary is $174,574 on average. On the lower end, first officer pilots can expect to make $81,961 per year and up to $424,036.

American Airlines Pilot Pay Scale

American Airlines pays its pilots flying a commercial aircraft, such as an A320, the following rates:

  • First-year captains: $255,000
  • Second in command (First Officer): $90,000
  • Fifth year of service captains: $263,000
  • First Officer in their fifth year: $169,000
  • 12th year of service captains: $278,000
  • 12th year of service First Officers: $190,000

How Much Do American Airlines Pilots Make An Hour?

American Airlines’ pilots earn $95 per hour on average. Also, hourly pilot salaries can reach up to $360 per hour.

American Airlines Pilot Salary Per Month

A monthly salary for an American Airlines pilot can range from $10,000 to $22,000, depending on the pilot’s position and how often the pilot is flying.

How Much Does An American Airlines Pilot Make Per Year?

American Airlines pilots make $124,000 per year on average. Also, pilots can unlock bonuses ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 based on experience.

Moreover, if the pilot in question already has experience flying an aircraft, American Airlines may offer them a signing bonus since a lot of training is not required.

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At American Airlines, the pilots are paid based on experience. So, newer pilots who have just started with the company are paid close to minimum wage.

In comparison, first officers are pilots who are second in command to the captain and are paid more than their entry-level counterparts.

Lastly, captains make the most out of all pilot categories. Moreover, American Airlines will offer a signing bonus if they have more experience with a specific model.

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